Media Availability: Ambassador Ken Blackwell — The Most Despicable Vote Fraud


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August 2, 2022

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Media Availability: Ambassador J. Kenneth Blackwell

The Most Despicable Vote Fraud

Evidence Mounts of Vote Fraud Targeting Most Vulnerable Voters

Naples, FL — Attorney General and American Constitutional Rights Union director Edwin Meese III and Ambassador and ACRU board member J. Kenneth Blackwell warn against rampant abuse of our country’s most vulnerable voters — senior citizens. Since the ACRU launched its Protect Vulnerable Voters initiative, troubling reports of vulnerable voter abuse have streamed in.

ACRU CEO Lori Roman notes, “We’ve received reports of cognitively impaired facility residents having their ballot choices made by staff, sometimes under coercion and often without their knowledge. Other complaints have uncovered activist groups across the country collecting ballots from residential facilities with the promise that the ballots would be delivered to election officials. The chain of custody and security of ballots should be a foremost concern for any facility director.”

As for the legacy media drumbeat of “unfounded claims of vote fraud,” the evidence of real and tangible fraud is growing, as Meese and Blackwell note in their recent Town Hall story.

“In Wisconsin, the state assembly appointed a special counsel to investigate vote fraud in nursing homes after an investigation by a county sheriff uncovered evidence indicating numerous cases of vote fraud in a nursing home. Special Counsel Michael Gableman, a former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, released a report this year indicating ‘rampant fraud and abuse occurred statewide’ at Wisconsin’s nursing homes and other residential care facilities.”

Unfounded or rampant? Which is it?

“In 2020, a Texas social worker was indicted on 134 felony counts of vote fraud for registering mentally incapacitated citizens to vote without their consent.  And this year, an employee at the Father Murray Nursing Center in Macomb County, Michigan, was sentenced to jail for forging signatures on absentee ballot applications.”

Nursing home associations, corporations and individual facilities must step up to the plate to fix this rampant problem. Lack of staff training, management oversight and attention to ballot chain of custody, and unmonitored “assistance” with ballot requests and submissions create opportunities for coercion and direct vote theft. To assist them in educating their staff, residents, and families, ACRU has created a  Senior Citizen Voting Bill of Rights.

ACRU has also created a guide for citizens and family members who wish to protect the rights of vulnerable voters from those who would suppress or steal their votes.



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