Allen West: The Unconstitutional Responses to America’s Illegal Immigration Invasion


Allen West


August 8, 2022

Photo of ACRU Executive Director LTC Allen West (Ret)Just a few weeks ago I wrote a missive here presenting the case as to why we have an invasion on our southern border. I live in Texas which shares 1,254 miles of border with a failed state controlled by a transnational narco-criminal terrorist organization. And if you speak to the people along the Texas southern border, as I recently did in Hondo, they will confide in you that the narco-terrorists we refer to as the Mexican cartels have extended their span of control to our side of the border.

This begs the question, “How is this all happening?” How can it be that the most powerful country in the world is watching its border be destabilized and allowing upwards of 3 million illegal immigrants to enter. And there are some 800,000 illegals, mostly single military aged males, classified as “gotaways” of whom we have no idea of their location. Let me reiterate, this number of 800,000 unknown illegal immigrants in America in the past 18 months is greater than the active duty end strength of our U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps combined.

The reason why all of this is happening is because we have elected officials and administration officials who have disavowed the U.S. Constitution, our rule of law. We have a President and Vice President who have dismissed the issue, in violation of their oath of office. We have governors who are allowing their States to be sanctuaries for illegals, a violation of our rule of law. We have governors who have devised political gimmicks transporting illegals within our country, in essence aiding and abetting human trafficking. Mayors are declaring their cities sanctuaries for illegals, endangering their citizens. The Secretary of Homeland Security, who operates in a clear state of maniacal delusion, declared that our southern border is secure.

Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution is very clear about the enumerated responsibility of the federal government to protect the States from invasion. Article I, Section 10, Clause 3 of the Constitution clearly enumerates the power of the States to protect themselves from invasion…when the federal government fails. Even in the State of Texas, Article 4, Section 7 articulates that one of the duties and responsibilities of the Governor as Commander in Chief of Texas Military Department (TMD) is to “repel invasions”…not bus them to other cities and states in America.

We are facing an existential crisis of drug, human, and sex trafficking because elected officials at all levels of both parties are not obeying the Constitution. That means these elected officials are putting citizens in America at risk, and that they are willfully disavowing and disobeying the rule of law. And all the while, the narco-terrorists are laughing all the way to the bank as we facilitate their economic explosion. And China will continue to produce the ingredients for fentanyl, provide it to the narco-terrorists, so they can enable the killing of Americans. Meanwhile we have officials whose ideological agenda causes them to release fentanyl traffickers back onto the streets to kill again.

This is not just an immigration issue for America–this is an insurgency being conducted by a well-resourced, well-funded, and well-armed non-state, non-uniformed belligerent on our border. Yes, this is no different from having the Taliban operate freely along our southern border. After all, the narco-terrorists have no problem enabling Islamic jihadists entry into America.

Why is it that no elected official has the courage to designate the cartels as a narco-terrorist organization? Our elected officials voted to send $40 billion to Ukraine, while ignoring the catastrophe here. Why have we not declared this as an invasion here in the State of Texas?

Why have we not established a Border Control Zone (BCZ), especially here in Texas, using the Rio Grande River as the southern boundary, US Hwy 90 as the northern, and designate zones of operation from the El Paso-Del Rio-Laredo-Rio Grande Valley (RGV) sectors, and prevent any illegal immigrants from transiting outside of that BCZ?

Why do we have 501c(3) not-for-profit organizations receiving U.S. taxpayer funds to serve as travel agencies for illegal immigrants? Why have their 501c(3) status and privileges not been revoked, again, especially here in Texas?

Imagine being a U.S. Border Patrol or ICE agent being told to not do their constitutional duty, and watch illegals being loaded onto buses and planes to be dispersed throughout our Country. What is the motivation to do their job when those in federal, state, and local elected positions do not do theirs?

Recently, there were four border counties in Texas who stood up…but they had no support from the Governor of Texas. The governor thinks it is cute to bus illegals to DC and NYC. Are Texas taxpayers paying for this? Why not the shorter trip back across the Rio Grande River?

Yes, this is all quite disconcerting for me, a career retired military officer who deployed into combat zones to protect the borders of other countries from invasion. Now, I sit at home and watch my very own country being invaded.

The unconstitutional actions in response to our illegal immigration invasion must end. I am waiting for a courageous leader who will make a stand for U.S. citizens. The sovereignty of our Constitutional Republic is under siege, and it need not be so. One of the contributing factors to the fall of Rome was a lack of security of its northern border from the Visigoths. And in 410 AD led by King Alaric, Rome was sacked. History has a way of repeating itself for those who fail to learn from it.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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