Lori Roman

Celebrating ACRU Policy Board Director J. Kenneth Blackwell


Lori Roman


February 20, 2023

During Black History Month, the American Constitutional Rights Union recognizes the historic contributions of J. Kenneth Blackwell who has served on the Policy Board of ACRU for over 20 years.

Amb. Blackwell has been a public servant over many decades, serving in more positions than we can name here, but including Mayor of Cincinnati, Secretary of State (Ohio), U.S. Ambassador to the Human Rights Commission at the United Nations, and Under Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.But perhaps his greatest contribution over many decades has been his advocacy both domestically and globally for free and fair elections.  Amb. Blackwell was actively working to advance election integrity long before most people even thought of the topic.

We are thankful for his long and patriotic service to the country and our organization and for the example he sets for all of us on how to work together for the cause of liberty. Our friend and colleague is a true statesman who devotes countless hours with many organizations including our friends at FRC, AFPI, Honest Elections Project, Heritage Action, and PILF. 

I share this article from long ago, to give an indication of his decades of service.



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