Lori Roman

Second Amendment Rights Are the Foundation of Freedom


Lori Roman


March 17, 2023

Present-day Democrats’ so-called “common sense gun laws” sound remarkably like the gun laws imposed by Vladimir Putin in Russia. Psychiatric examinations, burdensome government classes, home inspections by government agents, written tests, and registration. Democrats have a sordid history of gun control, despite their attempts to rewrite that history.

Long before Vice President Harris proudly proclaimed she was for “mandatory gun buy-backs” (or “gun confiscation” for those who are not adept at reading between Leftist lines), the Democrats were in the business of confiscation.

Long before this Administration, the Southern Democratic Party used the Ku Klux Klan to take guns away from Black Americans.

Sadly, American history displays horrific offenses against the rights of individuals to defend themselves.

Some things never change, among them, the left’s desire to control you by first restricting your access to firearms and the corresponding natural right to self preservation. Almost two years ago, I co-authored an OPED with ACRU Policy Board member Ken Blackwell. It’s as relevant today as it was then.



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