Don’t Touch the Hot Stove!


Allen West


April 5, 2023

Yesterday was like reliving the entire OJ Simpson white Bronco drive. The nation was riveted, or at least the media wanted us to be, on the unconscionable fiasco that took place in Manhattan. I already provided an analysis of this insanity in a piece titled, “Destroying the Rule of Law.” The real story from yesterday was not the indictment of a former President and presidential candidate. The real story of yesterday came last night . . . in Chicago and Wisconsin.

Those of us who love our children do everything we can to protect them from harm and danger. We tell our kids “don’t touch the hot stove” or warn them when there are clear and present dangers. It is as if we need to try and do the same with adults. Chicago is a mess. I was just there two weeks ago for the Black Conservative Summit. There were areas that looked like combat zones. Of course, we know about the murder rate there, mainly Black-on-Black shootings. No Black Lives Matter protests about that, however.

On Tuesday, the good folks of Chicago decided to keep touching the hot stove by electing Brandon Johnson as their new mayor. Former Mayor Lori Lightfoot was defeated in the initial race and there was a runoff between Paul Vallas and Johnson. Johnson’s professed policy initiatives and priorities are far worse than his predecessor . . . and that is saying a lot.

However, with all that known, Johnson was elected as the new Mayor of Chicago with 51 percent of the vote. Johnson has claimed that he wants Chicago to be the progressive example for America. He wants to spread progressivism — meaning Marxist leftism — all across America. Talk about touching the hot stove! Further, we have plenty of examples how progressive socialism, Marxism, and leftism burns people . . . ask any Venezuelan ex-pat now living in America.

Leftists also made it an objective to flip the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and they did. In what was the most expensive state supreme court election, some $45M was spent, the left now controls the Supreme Court in the Badger State 4-3, winning the open seat. If you know anything about the leftists, they care little about the three branches of government. They focus on the three branches of rule, media, academia, and the courts. We are witnessing the diabolical genius of one George Soros who focused on District Attorney races all over the nation. Said result can be seen with the Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg.

Let’s be honest: the promises of leftism always sound appealing, enticing, we will give you stuff, by way of wealth redistribution. We will make things “right” with equity, equality of outcomes. We will ensure reproductive healthcare, the wanton murdering of unborn babies up to and after birth. We will enact social justice, meaning releasing violent criminals back onto the streets . . . as we undermine law enforcement and disarm you.

Progressive socialism is the hot stove. Now, there is a part of me that says, people deserve what they get, and vote for. I could also say I have no sympathy for apathy. But this cancer has to be eradicated, or else, as Chicago Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson — who was supported by teachers union head Randi Weingarten — said, they will take their progressive policies across America.

Constitutional conservatives, the real classical liberals, must no longer cede over the inner cities, major population centers. It is time we go on offense into places like Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC, NYC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Memphis, Los Angeles, and tell them not to touch the hot stove. We have the empirical and undebatable truth, facts, behind us, we just need courage and conviction. In the piece I wrote, “Like Bees to Honey,” we just need simple comparative assessments using easy-to-comprehend metaphors. If we fail to go in and assail the perceived strongholds of progressive socialism, with sincerity, the time bomb keeps ticking. This is not about “winning” over everyone, it is about disruption and putting leftism on defense, which we consistently fail to do. And truthfully, that is a major reason why there was not a great electoral success in 2022.

I know, some of you reading this missive will say, but Colonel, they cheat. Well, beat them at their own game and stop whining. Red counties should prohibit unsolicited mail-in ballots and should be conducting voter registration roll review. We should be passing legislation against ranked-choice voting. The ACRU has a Center for Vulnerable Voters program, which should be implemented across the nation, especially key voting swing states with large senior and retiree populations. We should be banning ballot harvesting and ballot drop boxes, but if the left has passed legislation making this law, then beat them at it.

Yes, there are some people who are “stuck on stupid” and want to touch the hot stove and burn their hands. But, my contention is that 55-60 percent in America do not . . . but we must consistently explain to many that the stove is, indeed, hot.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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