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The Exceptionalism of Opportunity vs. The Rule of Outcomes


Allen West


June 13, 2023

Last week, GOP Senator and presidential candidate Tim Scott went onto the ABC show called “The View.” I did find it rather interesting that one Joy Behar was not in attendance for his appearance. This is just another example of the real racism of the progressive socialist left. Imagine if the so-called Republican members of the panel refused to appear when Barack Hussein Obama, or his wife, Michelle, appeared on the program. Yes, the left would have gone apoplectic with rage and rhetoric about racism. So, where is the outrage when a white woman refuses to show respect to a sitting US Senator and presidential candidate who is Black? Oops, I forgot, Sen. Tim Scott is a Black Republican, just like the first Black members of the US House of Representatives and Senate . . . but their lives do not matter. They are of no consequence; after all, according to Joy Behar, Sen. Scott knows nothing about being a Black man.

That brings me to the exchange between Sonny Hostin and Sen. Scott. Ms. Hostin clearly evidenced that she is the face of the new Black overseer on the progressive socialist left’s 21st-century economic plantation. The premise of her assertions is the basis of the soft bigotry of low expectations, especially for Black Americans.

My ideological mentor, Booker T. Washington, embraced a philosophy of economic empowerment through education, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance, regardless of the circumstances facing Blacks. Indeed, that is the message of individual empowerment that reflects the ideal of America being a land of opportunity. It is not an “exception” it is a fundamental principle of this country, and this is why so many seek our shores. We prefer it to happen legally. Sonny Hostin evidenced her belief in economic enslavement, perpetual victimhood, and the equality of outcomes as a means of rectifying said conditions. It is undoubtedly the ideology of what we know as the “talented tenth” of Black intellectual elites, a view perpetuated by WEB DuBois, a man unlike Booker T. Washington, who was never a slave.

We must begin to have a severe and truthful discussion about the left’s rhetoric of “systemic racism” because the facts speak for themselves.

I would like to know Ms. Hostin’s view on Republicans in the North Carolina State House and Senate passing educational freedom and school choice legislation . . . Yet, the Democrat Governor, Roy Cooper, implemented a “state of emergency” as his response. We have a Democrat Governor who does not believe in equal access for our children to have a quality education, which opens the doors to more significant opportunity. This comes at a time when, nationally, we can go from urban center to urban center, controlled by progressive socialists, and find that young Black children are underperforming in math and reading. Then again, leftists have claimed that math is racist. Talk about the soft bigotry of low expectations; instead of better educating kids in math, just declare that it is racist and sees skin color.

I wonder if the head of the teacher’s union, Randi Weingarten was on The View? I guess Joy Behar would show up, but would Ms. Hostin interrogate her about the failing math and reading statistics for Black children? Would Ms. Hostin ask Weingarten about supporting parental rights in educational freedom and choice…or does she believe, as the Southern Poverty Law Center, that parental rights organizations are “hate groups?”

Since 1973, 50 years, there have been over 20 million Black babies murdered in the womb by dismemberment, a genocide championed by an organization called Planned Parenthood. This organization was founded by an actual white supremacist, a racist, who referred to Blacks as “undesirables” and “human weeds,” Margaret Sanger. Does Ms. Hostin see this intentional murdering of Black babies in the womb as an exception . . . or the progressive socialist left’s rule? Since the summer of 2020, there have been over 330 little Black and brown children gunned down, killed as a result of gang violence. They were not killed by white supremacists but rather by Black violence. Is that the exception or the rule, Ms. Hostin?

Why is it that the Black community seems stuck at 13 percent of the US population? The Black community is killing itself off; incarceration rates are 3-4 times greater than our percent of the population. The traditional nuclear Black family, the cornerstone of our community, has been decimated. Is that the exception or the rule, Ms. Hostin?

Let me respond: it is the rule of the progressive socialist left, a result of their policies and their soft bigotry of low expectations. This has all been purposeful and intentional; it is not debatable. Joe Biden once quipped back in 2012, “They gon’ put y’all back in chains.” First, why do white leftist politicians always speak bad English to Black audiences? Well, the only political party that ever puts blacks in chains is the Democrat Party. Exception or rule, Ms. Hostin? Just to clarify, in 1854, the Republican Party was founded on the single issue to abolish slavery; Democrats fought against that then . . . and still now. Biden rambled about Jim Crow 2.0; well, the Democrat Party gave us Jim Crow 1.0 and still implemented their slave codes by way of the soft bigotry of low expectations.

History is a powerful tool, a weapon because it supports truth, and perhaps that is why the progressive socialist left wants to revise, rewrite, and eliminate it. America was founded in 1619. C’mon, man.

Sonny Hostin and the left’s soft bigotry of low expectations is a clear and present danger not just for the Black community but for all Americans. The leftist vision of collective victimization, masked as social justice over individual triumph and achievement, is deadly cancer. It prevents us from reaching our full potential, from the ability to Live Free.

We are not stuck in some class or caste system in America. Here, in our nation, the indomitable human spirit wants freedom and liberty to determine its own outcomes. My dad, who was an exceptional Black man, gave me a rule enabling me to Live Free, “Find what the standard is, and exceed it.”

I would be honored to debate Sonny Hostin one-on-one without an audience of clapping “useful idiots” on everything presented in this missive. She can join me on the American Constitutional Rights Union Live Free TV. Something tells me it will not happen because the soft bigotry of low expectations cannot stand up to a challenge.

Steadfast and Loyal.

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