Press Release: Gun Violence Ain’t a MAGA Republican Problem


Allen West


July 11, 2023


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MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Former Congressman LTC Allen West, Executive Director, ACRU

Gun Violence Ain’t a MAGA Republican Problem

Look Who Governs Our Most Violent Cities…

Naples, FL — “Last week on Independence Day, a deranged cross-dressing biological black male, I will not use their name, decided to gun down innocent people in Philadelphia. It was comical to witness the leftist media avoid, at all costs, describing the shooter since it did not meet their narrative litmus test.” states ACRU Executive Director Allen West in his latest OPED for

West continues, “Or how about the shooter in Nashville, Tennessee, who gunned down six, including three nine-year-old children? Yep, they were quick to move away from that shooter, not to mention the delay in the release of her manifesto … yes, I said her, a biological female suffering from the mental condition of gender dysphoria.”

The projection of the left, attempting to blame violence on the right, doesn’t just apply to individual perpetrators. The new narrative is to blame “red states” for gun violence. The effort is laughable; the real truth becomes apparent through the most cursory look at the underlying data.

“Perhaps it is time to dust off the report that was done last year, November 4, 2022, by the Heritage Foundation titled ‘Blue City Murder Problem’ by Charles D. Stinson, Zack Smith, and Kevin D. Dayaratna, Ph.D. It is a very concise, to-the-point study of nineteen pages that debunks this leftist insanity, no, lie. The key takeaways are, ‘The left’s claim that America has a red state murder problem is misleading and deflects from progressive soft-on-crime policies. New analysis of crime data shows that high-crime counties are governed largely by Democrats, driving up crime rates in otherwise red states.’”

Digging deeper, it becomes clear that 21 of the 30 most violent cities are governed by Democrat mayors, and 14 of the 30 have District Attorneys backed by George Soros. Oh, about those 14? They account for a whopping 68 percent of the homicides in those top 30 most violent cities.

West concludes, “Violence with guns, semi-automatic handguns or rifles, is not a MAGA Republican problem … It is a blue city and county problem that is not solved by disarmament. It is solved by ridding ourselves of progressive socialists in city and county elected positions and restoring the rule of law. Then we can have the blessings of liberty and, indeed, Live Free and safe.”


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