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The Politics of Alarmism


Allen West


August 2, 2023

I know that I am certainly dating myself, but how many of you remember the saga of Robinson family and the 60s show “Lost in Space?” If y’all recall the character of Dr. Smith, he was the constant alarmist always operating in the realm of fear. Then there was the robot who would incessantly announce, with flailing arms, “Danger, Will Robinson!” Ask yourselves: why would anyone want to follow that type of alarmism? As a matter of fact, one of my maxims as a commander in the US Army was, “Cool heads always prevail,” and I still live by that principle.

However, there is something very disconcerting about our government these days. It seems that it thrives upon alarmism. Actually, the government seeks to benefit from alarmism to create and expand government. Meanwhile, our rights, freedoms, and liberties are reduced. The 9-11 attacks were horrific, regardless of Ilhan Omar describing them as, “Some people did something.” We damn well knew who the “some people” were and, of course, knew exactly what they did — and continued to do – in subsequent years.

However, why was it that our very own government, instead of addressing the responsible demographic, just threw out the large net and said we all had to lose some freedom and liberty? I mean, back then, perhaps this whole Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) thing might have sounded appropriate. But, we now know that it has been used against Americans, politically.

In Congress, I sent a letter to then-FBI Director Robert Mueller asking for a meeting and some specific questions I had about FISA. I never heard back from him. This was after I voted for a three-month extension to allow for better research. When the final vote for a full five-year extension came up, my vote was “Nay,” much to the chagrin of the Republican Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Rep. Mike Rogers of Michigan.

I despise so-called leadership by alarmism.

Of course, we have recently experienced another episode of the politics of alarmism with the COVID-19 escapade. How many American lives could have been spared if the government had not taken the path of alarmism? There were real doctors out there offering sound advice and medical protocols that were dismissed, and even censored. This behavior was sanctioned by the government itself. I recall coming down with COVID in October of 2021, along with my wife Angela. We immediately got a monoclonal antibody therapy treatment, and that took care of business. Sadly, I had a low oxygenation level and had to be hospitalized. I asked for consultation with the Frontline Doctors who expressly told me to refuse the Remdesivir treatment and request the Budesonide Nebulizer therapy, which I did. I was released from the hospital in two days and was back to running four miles after another three days. I also continue to take a daily Zinc and vitamin D3 protocol. If there were patients who wanted to receive Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin protocol treatments, why were they denied?

The alarmism of COVID didn’t just destroy the lives of people medically, but also financially. Consider this: the government picked winners and losers as to what had to be shut down, which people to be arrested, and which churches ordered closed. These were also the collateral damage of the politics of alarmism. Now, wouldn’t it be nice if the American public could determine $32 trillion in debt was “economic alarm” and demanded that certain government agencies be shut down? Let’s not forget the Americans who had their lives ruined for refusing to take a shot that has been proven to do nothing – in fact, actually caused more harm – such as the COVID vaccine mandates. Like Tucker Carlson, I have not had any COVID shots, and I never will. I do not follow, nor make myself subservient to the politics of alarmism They disgust me. I am not surrendering my individual health freedom over the governmental impersonation of Will Robinson’s robot.

Lastly, I was just on a family summer vacation in Port Aransas, Texas. Uh, it is summer and that means it is hot. That is why people go to the beach wearing swimsuits, not sweaters. Back when I was a kid growing up in Georgia, the politics of alarmism told us that we were going to freeze to death. Yeah, around 1975 or 1976, the rave was a coming ice age. Now, they’re trying to freak us out about climate change. Well, duh, chuckleheads, the climate does change. Each winter, spring, summer, and fall. It gets hot in the summer. It gets cold in the winter. In the spring and fall, we have climate transition, and you can have disruptive weather phenomena such as tornadoes and hurricanes. Down in Brazil and Argentina, they are having winter. Remember how funny it was to have the Summer Olympics in Brazil when it was actually winter there? Now, if they had experienced hot temps during that time, then we should show concern. I will not become alarmed at the fact that it is hot in summer.

But this new politics of alarmism is once again all about restricting our individual freedoms to decide what types of hot water heaters, dishwashers, thermostats, stoves, washing machines, and cars we can have. This is all about the intrusive nature of government, especially leftism, in order to force us into their ideological agenda.

Let’s be honest, all by ourselves, we have seen a reduction in greenhouse gases in these United States, without government alarmism. You know, we have to start killing cows and stop having children. Yes, there are enough mindless lemmings out there who fall for this bovine excrement every time. When did fighting the weather become the #1 mission of our US military? Well, the Alarmist-in-Chief, bumbling Joe Biden, said that the biggest threat to our military was climate change. Uh, what about Communist China, Iran, North Korea, Islamic jihadism, or even Russia? Now we want our military to use electric vehicles? How does that work on the battlefield? “Oh, please, excuse me Mr. People’s Liberation Army, I need to stop my armored assault against your position so I can charge up my Bradley, Stryker, and Abrams tank.” Or, “Oh by the way, Mr. Xi Jinping, could you please give us some more of those lithium batteries for our military?” Remember California Governor Gavin Newsome signing into law mandatory electric vehicles in the Golden State in some five years, then coming out and telling EV owners to stop using their vehicles “right now” or else they would crash the electric grid?

The politics of alarmism are dangerous, delusional, and deranged. They are mainly products of the progressive socialist leftists of the Democrat Party. Think about previous assertions from the Party of the Jackass, such as the SCOTUS decision on the Dobbs case will mean that women will die in the streets. Yeah, if the leftists are not allowed to murder unborn babies in the womb right up to and after birth women are going to die.

Here is my warning to you all as we go into the important 2024 election cycle. You cannot Live Free under the politics of alarmism. Neither Chicken Little, nor Dr. Smith of Lost in Space, should not be your elected representative. Leaders find solutions that do not undermine your rights, freedoms, and liberties by expanding the powers of government. The Who had a song titled, “We Won’t Be Fooled Again.” The purveyors of alarmism don’t believe you will awaken to their hoaxes, and their true intentions. Let’s finally prove them wrong.

No, constitutional conservatives do not have anything to do with the weather, but we will not be bullied, coerced, intimidated, threatened, nor forced into surrendering our rights and freedom over leftist, or anyone’s politics of alarmism. Remember that missive I wrote about how many times leftists would say Mega MAGA Republicans? The more they use it, the more they are trying to denigrate, disparage, and demean us into submission. Let the devil know: “Not today!”

Steadfast and Loyal.



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