Constitutional Rights, Protecting Children, and Sexual Deviancy


Allen West


October 5, 2023

This past legislative session, one of the priorities of the Republican Party of Texas was to protect children from these absurd and perverse drag queen performances. Under strong and unified pressure from parents and concerned others, the Texas Republican legislature actually took action and passed legislation preventing minor children from being exposed to these sexually deviant performances. Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed this into law.

The Texas ACLU filed an injunction to prevent the law from taking effect on September 1st and federal judge David Hitttert granted a temporary restraining order halting it. Well, last week, Judge Hittert issued his final ruling. He ruled that the Texas law was unconstitutional and that drag queens have a “constitutional First Amendment right” to perform before minor children.

Now, if this does not infuriate you as a parent, grandparent, and responsible adult, then I have no idea what would. Judge Hittert ruled that sexual deviants have a right, mind you, a right, to perform lewd acts in front of our children. Men who are suffering from some deranged delusion have a “constitutional right” to gyrate in front of children and expose themselves. What type of perversion of the First Amendment is this judge reading? So, why do we have laws on the books that can charge an adult with “contributing to the delinquency of a minor?”

So, what shall we interpret from this insidious ruling by Judge David Hittert? Do strippers also have a constitutional right to perform before minors? Or how about pedophiles, oops, sorry, minor attracted persons? Do they have a right to enter into a relationship with a child, a minor, those under 18 years of age?

What is the purpose of having an entity called Child Protective Services (CPS) if we have confused jurists making rulings that endanger children? I suppose it is now perfectly fine to take your child into a store displaying sexual materials? After all, I guess the business has a right to sell to whomever? Or why not just take your child to a bar and let them order up a bourbon, straight? The left is already pushing for child gender mutilation for minors who are currently not even able to even get a tattoo . . . or maybe now they will be allowed to?

First and foremost, what type of sick individuals operate in the Texas ACLU who would bring about such an injunction? If adults want to take part in said performances, knock yourselves out. But who in their right mind would think exposing children to sexual deviancy — yes, that is what this is — is a “constitutional right?” I would think that Child Protective Services would remove children from the care of any adult taking their kids to such events. Then again, we now have the leftist modern-day version of Hitler’s SA, the Brown Shirts, Antifa, standing guard outside these displays of adult sexual sickness.

And we are allowing this to happen?

Frankly, if I were Governor of the State of Texas, I would kindly send a note to Judge David Hittert and express my appreciation for his service as a federal jurist. Then I would then tell him that the State of Texas passed legislation, which I signed into law, and his interpretation is meaningless. I would then proceed to enforce the law, including punishing businesses and establishments that expose children to this deviancy. If we allow this to stand, and I would not, then what is the next step? Any of the scenarios described above?

This decision by Judge Hittert can have widespread negative consequences and ramifications. Hittert has erroneously codified deviant sexual behavior as a “constitutional right,” and makes the safety of our children secondary. Just the same as girls in America no longer have the right to be girls and have privacy, they are being sacrificed at the godless altar of gender dysphoria, a mental condition, and sexual deviancy. How long shall we sit back and watch girls be physically attacked and beaten by biological males, sexually abused, and allowed to enter into girls’ bathroom facilities and expose themselves?

Federal Judge David Hittert is wrong. Texas should not abide by his deranged ruling. Sexually deviant adults do not have a First Amendment or “constitutional right” to engage our children. Robert Bork wrote the book “Slouching towards Gomorrah,” and we now know what that looks like.

If any sexually deviant adult believes that they have a right to expose themselves to my grandson Jaxton Bernard, and my grandson — due next month –Levi Allen, they are grossly mistaken. Neither you nor I should rely upon the unelected jurists, such as David Hittert, to protect our children. I pray that they will not have to learn the lesson as to why the Founding Fathers gave us a different constitutional right, the one found immediately after the First Amendment.

Jesus said, in Matthew 18:6, “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” I remember singing a song as a kid in Sunday School, “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world, red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world.”

Our children should be able to be children, and Live Free in a country that vows to protect them from harm, danger, and deviancy. As the Executive Director of the American Constitutional Rights Union, I say to Judge David Hittert, your ruling fails to do so and wrongfully interprets the Constitution at the expense of our children.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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