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Racists and Fascists in Madison, Wisconsin?


Allen West


October 10, 2023

Greetings, everyone, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have been here in the Badger State for the better part of the past week. It has been a real pleasure to be back here, and the folks are really nice. It is fantastic to go running along the Lake Michigan waterfront with the other runners saying “hello” to each other.

I have been here speaking on constitutional and policy issues. I must admit, Wisconsin has one of the most beautiful State Capitols I have ever seen. The rotunda and artwork are magnificent. I was glad to see that Madison’s state capitol was fully restored after the destruction by progressive socialist Marxist leftists – insurrectionists — who severely damaged the building. It is pretty interesting that when the leftist mob took over the Wisconsin capitol, just like in Tennessee recently, it was always excused by the leftists and their media accomplices as “peaceful protests,” just part of our democracy. The hypocrisy would be laughable without such a representation of a clear and present danger to our Constitutional Republic and representative democracy.

Then, another very telling incident happened in Madison, Wisconsin, a week before my arrival. It appears that Black conservatives are not welcome there, especially on the campus of the University of Wisconsin.

I truly doubt that many know about this disturbing story, but you should:

During a Thompson Center event, which was also on Zoom, several prominent Black conservative speakers were featured. Civil rights icon Bob Woodson and Dr. Carol Swain were among the invited guest speakers. However, during the presentation, the event was hacked into by some leftists who seemed to struggle with English and were using profane and disparaging verbiage. They even used gay slurs, which one would think would bring forth the ire of the alphabet soup LGTBQIA+ mafia, but nope. Some of these Marxists even went so far as to take the path of Jonathan Toobin and expose themselves, with one even committing a sexual act upon themself.

All this was done to shut down a conversation with Black conservatives, ya know, the feared enemies of the progressive socialist left. The folks that Joe Biden castigated as not being Black if they did not vote for him. Now, where was the national news coverage on this episode? Can you imagine if young campus conservatives hacked into a BLM leftist socialist campus-sanctioned event and conducted themselves in such a reprehensible manner and behavior? Yes, there would be calls of racism, and the students, if they were, would be expelled, and all campus conservative groups would be banished. There would be law enforcement investigations into hate crime charges.

But, when leftists take such actions against Black, Hispanic, or Asian conservatives, there is deafening silence.

It is time we start declaring who the true ambassadors of systemic racism in America are. It is time we start defining and pointing out who the faithful acolytes of fascism in America are. The most racist aspect of those who embrace the progressive socialist left, aka the Democrat Party, is that they believe they have every right to denigrate, disparage, demean, and physically attack any minority that does not want to be a part of their deranged ideology. It is no worse than burning a cross in someone’s front yard. Then again, members of the Democratic Party were the founding fathers of the KKK.

Heck, the patron saint of the left, the mother of murdering unborn babies in the womb, primarily Black babies, Margaret Sanger, is revered by the left. Her legacy, Planned Parenthood, does her handiwork in the Black community to this day. How interesting that California Governor Gavin Newsom made a decision based upon identity politics and appointed the head of Emily’s List as the next Senator from that state: a black lesbian woman, acolyte of Sanger, and the 20 million genocidal murders of Black babies in the womb. Right up to birth!

But it is not just the blatant racism proven by this disconcerting interruption evidenced. It is also the abject display of fascism that was revealed, once again, from the left. Instead of attending these events and seeking to gain an understanding of different thoughts, perspectives, and insights, leftists prefer to eradicate, eliminate, and shut down any and all dissenting discourse. If you do not like the individual speakers or the subject matter, stay at home or in the basement and just leave well enough alone. Nope, that is not what fascists do. Since they are intellectually unable to make a cogent dissenting argument, their mantra is to coerce, intimidate, instill fear, interrupt, and, in the case of Antifa (the so-called anti-fascists), resort to violence.

I have said it before and will reiterate: Joe Biden’s inaugural speech was not about unity but conformity. There are severe repercussions if you choose not to conform, such as having a man interrupt a discussion with notable Black conservatives by masturbating.

The citizens of Madison should be embarrassed to have had this happen. The students of the University of Wisconsin should be disturbed and offer an apology. The Democrat governor of Wisconsin should issue a public statement condemning such abhorrent behavior. None of that will happen because, in the eyes of the progressive socialist left, it was deserved punishment for not being subjugated to their ideology. In other words, being their slaves.

To Live Free means to have the freedom of speech, expression, thought, and conscience, along with the right to assemble peaceably. It is not contingent upon the acceptance of modern American Marxists. It is certainly not based on one’s skin color or philosophy of governance.

To the people of Wisconsin: is this what you want to be known for? Heck, all Americans, is this acceptable? Always remember, when tolerance becomes a one-way street, it leads to cultural suicide, the goal of the cultural Marxists who desire to transform America fundamentally.

Steadfast and Loyal.

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