Freedom of Religion and Free Exercise Thereof


Allen West


December 27, 2023

It is my sincere prayer that you enjoyed a very Merry Christmas with family and friends. At the West household, we welcomed little Levi Allen for his first Christmas with Nana and PaPop. Our oldest grandson Jaxton Bernard went nuts over his very own black Jeep, which he took for a nice spin in the neighborhood. We all gathered for Christmas to share a time of blessing and remembrance of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, a fundamental part of the Judeo-Christian faith heritage. The prophet Isaiah tells us of His coming a millennium before in his book, Isaiah 9:6-7.

However, there were some aspects of this Christmas that I hope never happen again.

Sadly, an American member of our US House of Representatives, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, decided to take liberty with the message of Christmas and create her own. It was a pitiful attempt to draw a comparison of the birth of Jesus to the current situation in the Middle East. Her endeavor to compare Israel to King Herod was simply disgusting and appalling. I guess it has become rather popular for certain American politicians to take the side of a designated, violent, Islamic terrorist organization. I would recommend that the delusional Congresswoman read the missive posted here, “What is Palestine?” Or, if she struggles with reading comprehension — she certainly has issues with coherent writing — she can watch the companion video, “The History of Palestine.”

It is very disturbing when we have incompetent representatives who fuel the efforts of Islamic jihadists here in our country. One would not have to go very far in referring to this as treasonous aiding and abetting terrorism, and certainly, providing material support and comfort.

What is the result when that happens, unchallenged?

You get what we saw leading up to Christmas in New York City, and on Christmas Day elsewhere. Those supporting Islamic terrorism seek to disrupt and cancel Christmas. It is not the freedom of religion to support a terrorist organization, which is exactly what Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, Al Quds Martyrs, Al Aqsa, and the host of savage, barbaric groups are. When you are marching in the streets advocating on behalf of these groups and waving a flag that they wave, it is not a freedom, it is an affront. There must come a time when this nation realizes this and holds these individuals accountable . . . after all Hamas did kill and take Americans hostage on October 7th. In fact, Hezbollah has been killing Americans since the October 1983, Beirut barracks bombing.

Why do these terrorism sympathizers believe that assailing the Rockefeller Christmas tree will win anyone over to them? Why, of any city, would New York City allow violent Islamic terrorist supporters to take to their streets? I guess they have forgotten what happened in NYC on September 11, 2001. As another virulent anti-Semitic Member of Congress Rep. Ilhan Omar said, “Some people did something.” Well, the same people are still doing the same thing, and we are allowing it to happen. Worse yet, we are allowing our children and grandchildren to take to the streets with these jihadists. Heck, we are even allowing major college and university professors to harbor and foster this jihadism across America.

How does it end up? One only needed to watch and see what happened in Bethlehem this Christmas. My wife Angela and I have been to Bethlehem, the place revered as the birthplace of Jesus Christ. This Christmas, there were no Christmas celebrations and remembrances in Bethlehem. It is a city controlled by Arab Muslims, located in the made-up area called the West Bank. If you have paid attention to the demographics of Bethlehem, the Christian community there has all but been driven out. We can see that happening all over the Middle East in historic Christian communities. Yes, the folks in control canceled Christmas, the day set aside to recognize the birth of Jesus Christ. Hmm, that sounds more like what Emperor Hadrian, the Roman Empire, and the current crop of Islamic jihadists desire.

Bethlehem went under Arab Muslim control in 1995. Gaza went under Arab Muslim control in 2005. Yet these deranged individuals, and their supporters, claim aggrieved status as they cancel and kill those who do not accept their beliefs, and demands . . .  all of which is centered on annihilation, eradication, and extermination of all others, something they share with Adolf Hitler. Only “useful idiots” and mindless lemmings would join the cause of these cretins.

I intend to ensure that my two grandsons, Jaxton and Levi, always look forward to Christmas. I want them to Live Free, and will safeguard the same for their grandchildren. What say you? Never again should we have American politicians rewriting the Christmas story. Never again should we have Islamic terrorist supporters disrupting Christmas. Never again means it ain’t happening. Are we serious about bringing that to fruition, or shall we allow the jihadists to take over our streets?

Ain’t happening.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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