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What is the Democrat, Progressive Socialist End State for America?


Allen West


April 9, 2024

It is long past time that we had an honest and open conversation as a loyal political opposition about the intentions of the Democrat party, which is dominated by an ideology that is antithetical to our Constitutional Republic. Once upon a time, to offer such a thing would be met with derision, disparaging, and denigration rhetoric; oops, it still is. There were times that you would be openly mocked as a conspiracy theorist, but if these things keep coming to fruition, is one truly that?

Leadership is about being prescient, forward-thinking, and possessing the ability to objectively discern your adversary’s goals, objectives, and intentions. In the military, we were once trained as commanders on how to write a commander’s guidance statement. It possessed three parts — purpose, method (key tasks), and end state.

The question that must be asked across America today, especially in this critical presidential election cycle, is what is the Democrat, progressive socialist, end state for America?
Now, I do not hold any delusional belief that the usual suspects of the leftist media will be forthcoming in objectively assessing this issue. I think we all know that they are willing accomplices and nothing more than propagandists, which they no longer attempt to hide.

So, let’s consider several points of great concern when it comes to this gang calling themselves the Democrat Party.

First, the Democrat party has proven to us all that they are aligned with an evil Islamic terrorist organization. We should have been made aware of this alignment going back to the Obama administration. Then again, this is Obama’s third term. When Obama traveled to speak at the University of Cairo early in 2009, and requested members of the Muslim Brotherhood to be placed front and center in the audience. Anyone knowing the history of this vile organization should have been leery of this association, which was followed by Obama supporting and praising the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi becoming president of Egypt. Not only that, consider the lack of support for the young Iranians as they rose up against the terrorist-supporting regime of the Ayatollahs. This, of course, continues to this day with financial support and restitution directed towards Iran by the Democrats. And there is the easing of oil revenue sanctions while destroying our own domestic oil and gas industry.

Not to forget, it was Barack Hussein Obama who brokered the release of the five senior Taliban leaders from GITMO. And it was Joe Biden who ensured their return to power in what can only be described as the greatest strategic, operational, and tactical debacle in US military history — the Afghanistan withdrawal.

So, why are Democrats calling for a ceasefire against an Islamic terrorist organization, Hamas, who killed Americans on October 7th and holds Americans hostage? Why do we have senior Democrats, the President, the Vice President, and the Senate Majority Leader calling for a ceasefire that would enable Hamas to reconfigure, reconstitute, rearm, and continue their terrorist ways? After all, that is what their charter says. Why do we have senior Democrats demanding the removal of Israel’s Prime Minister? Why do we have Democrat Members of Congress spewing forth Hamas propaganda and encouraging people to not vote for Biden in primary elections until he forces a ceasefire against Hamas?
Remember, it was Barack Hussein Obama who gave us the infamous “JV Team” ISIS.

Second, why are Democrats allowing the invasion of America by millions of illegal immigrants? Why do they feel having millions of unknowns, called “gotaways,” freely operating in our Country is not a big deal? And, of course, who would allow massive numbers of single military-age males into our Country, including Chinese, and not speak of this issue? The Democrats are willfully disregarding the Constitution of the United States, and there are jurists in this Country who fail to recognize a violation of an enumerated constitutional duty. There has been no attempt to combat the transnational narco-criminal terrorist organization known as the Mexican cartels. As a matter of fact, the President of Mexico is engaged in international extortion against our Nation, admitting that he will not stop the flow of illegal immigrants unless the United States puts up tens of billions of dollars…and not a peep from the Democrats of outrage. Ya know, they just blame everything on climate change…terrorists and criminals are not crossing our border illegally from over 150 Nations because of bad weather.

We have shared this issue previously, but it bears reminding y’all, why is the Biden administration, the progressive socialist left, hell-bent on undermining our national security? Why is it that they are more focused on our military being exposed to cultural Marxism, proper pronouns, gender dysphoria, and dismembering unborn babies on the taxpayer dollar? We all know that recruiting and retention in our military has been abysmal under the leftist, Marxist control. Yet, their answer is not to change their insidious ideological agenda and policies. Nope, they just want to reduce the size of our military. Consider this highly disconcerting fact: we have more “gotaways” in our Nation than we do active duty US Army and US Marine Corps, almost more “gotaways” than our entire active duty military. Why? Why is that acceptable to the Democrat party? What is their end state?
Perhaps the fact that an Obama-appointed black female federal judge in Illinois ruled that illegal immigrants have Second Amendment rights gives us an answer.

Lastly, why is it that a Democrat federal judge would rule that illegal immigrants should have access to purchasing firearms…but the Democrats wish to undermine that right for legal, law-abiding citizens? The latest dubious and unconstitutional endeavor is to declare doggone every place a “sensitive area” for permissive gun rights — that is what is happening in California. Think about it — the Democrats are allowing millions of illegal single military-age males entry into our Country. A Democrat federal judge says illegals cannot be denied Second Amendment rights, and we know leftists want illegals to vote, but then VP Harris says we must pass a ban on assault weapons…meaning anything that is semi-automatic. This will include handguns. This is all done in the name of curbing gun violence, but remember the slain NYPD officer who was shot. He was not shot by a legal, law-abiding American citizen. He was shot by someone benefiting from the absurd no-cash-bail leftist policies. He was a violent criminal who had countless felony offenses but was released back onto the streets, where he illegally secured a firearm and shot a police officer.

But to the Democrats, that criminal is not the problem; the problem is YOU, the one who has the right to protect and defend themselves against criminals and government tyranny.
So, let’s just be honest: this Democrat party hates America. They hate America because they hate individual freedom, liberty, and rights. The leftist, Marxist end state for America is domination. It is a totalitarian domination form in which they do not wish you to have any recourse or means by which to disobey. They do not want unity. They want utter conformity, subjugation, and subservience. They want to be able to weaponize their agencies and knock on your door anytime they desire…much the same as the East German Stasi. They want you to live in fear of them as they demand what they can do with you, your children, your home, your property.

The choice we have in America is simple: Live Free or live as serfs. Our domestic, national, border, economic, and energy security is all under assault by these deranged maniacal tyrants. Yes, they are my fellow Americans, but I know my Oath… “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same.” It was an oath that I took freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. I know what the progressive socialist leftists have as an end state for my America, and they believe their ends justify their means, and they will do so by any means necessary.

My end state, simply, is to defeat them…as Ronald Reagan once quipped when asked how he would define victory in the Cold War, “We win, they lose.” Choose for yourselves today, what is your end state for our America?

Molon Labe, Steadfast and Loyal.



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