The First Unalienable Right — Life


Allen West


April 10, 2024

Earlier this week, GOP presidential nominee and former President Donald Trump released a video affirming his stance on the issue of dismembering babies in the womb. Sorry, in the military, you “abort” a mission; we need to stop using the prescribed language of the left. President Trump said that he would let this issue be decided by the respective States. I find that rather interesting coming off Biden’s recent State of the Union address, where he ranted that he would restore Roe v Wade as the “law of the land.”

First of all, the US Supreme Court does not make law, and their 1973 decision on Roe v Wade was severely flawed and unconstitutional. The SCOTUS does not have the enumerated constitutional right to declare anything a “right.” If there is to be any amendment to our Constitution, that has to be taken up by our legislative branch and, if passed, signed into law by the Executive and interpreted by the Judicial branch. It is apparent that too many of us, especially those on the progressive socialist left and others who lack intestinal fortitude and constitutional savvy, realize that the very first unalienable right endowed to us by the Creator, the Judeo-Christian God, is life. That was established in 1689 when one John Locke, the father of classical liberalism, wrote his Two Treatises on Government and introduced us to the concept of Natural Rights Theory. Locke wrote that our life, liberty, and property are natural rights that come to us not from man, meaning government, but from God. Jefferson codified natural rights theory in our Declaration of Independence and specifically alluded to it by stating,  “the laws of nature and nature’s God.” He asserted that, indeed, our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness are not endowed to us here in America by the government but by God.

And when one reads the seminal essay by French economist Frederic Bastiat, The Law, it clarifies that the duty and responsibility of the government, the law, is to protect the life, liberty, and property of the individual.

The Dobbs decision by the SCOTUS clarified that the federal government was wrong in establishing this as a right. It was not within the purview of the federal government, certainly not the Supreme Court. The SCOTUS basically invoked the 10th Amendment, which affirms that powers that are not specifically delegated to the federal government are reserved to the States and the People.

Now, in reference to this issue of dismembering unborn babies in the womb, this thing leftists have termed abortion was supposed to be safe, legal, and rare. It has morphed into something far beyond those prescriptions, it is now an industry, and a religious belief for the modern day acolytes of the Baals, especially their god of child sacrifice, Moloch. This is not about those very rare cases that everyone loves to refer to, cases of rape and incest. Actually, folks should talk to Epoch Times reporter Kelly Wright and Florida Congresswoman Kat Cammack about their perspective. Those often-stated cases form perhaps 3% of this issue. Why can’t we offer adoption in these cases? Leftists will find one case of someone who wanted this procedure due to a health issue with the baby. I think the Florida Gators were happy that Tim Tebow’s Mom did not listen to that medical advice and dismember little Tim in the womb.

What we are talking about is an extreme bloodlust against the most vulnerable of us all — the voiceless — our unborn children. And when you consider the position of leftists who wish to destroy life up to the time of birth and, according to former Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, do so afterward. It was the deranged and demonic Barack Hussein Obama who, as a State Senator in Illinois, pushed legislation that a baby who survived the death sentence procedure still deserved death…and infamously said that he would not “punish his children with a baby.” Perhaps Obama should read Psalm 127:3-5.

So, Trump says that we shall leave this decision to the respective States. So, Sir, does that mean you do not have the courage to be a voice and fight for our unborn at all? If States like California, New York, and New Mexico, basically all Blue states, decide that they will dismember babies in the womb up to birth and afterward, is that acceptable? Sir, does this mean that you will continue to allow some $500M of US taxpayer funding to go to an organization founded by a white supremacist, racist, who spoke at Ku Klux Klan rallies, Margaret Sanger? Does this mean that you will not reverse the insidious policy that violates the Hyde Amendment, allowing troops in our military to receive free travel and compensation to have our future troops dismembered in the womb? Does it mean that we will allow the Satanic Temple of America to continue their heinous “religious” ritual of dismembering babies as a sacrifice to Beelzebub?

Once upon a time, there were States that thought slavery was cool. That interracial marriage was against the law. That “separate but equal” was a legal standard. The federal government took a constitutional position and said no. Funny thing, those were States run by Democrats!

Life is not an issue to be decided by political consultants and expediency. It is a moral issue, and even countries in Europe have a minimal standard; why can we not do the same in America? President Trump, your abdication to address this issue only emboldens the progressive socialist left; instead of going on offense, you have ceded over territory to the Democrats. In case you have not paid attention, they are not just happy to settle in their own States. They seek to undermine Red States, and it is happening in Florida, Arizona, and has already happened in Ohio. We should never run away from the left on this issue, I damn well will not. I do not want to see another 20+ million Black babies have their lives destroyed in what is supposed to be the safest place for a baby: its Mother’s womb.

Yes, I believe in women’s reproductive healthcare, finding cures for ovarian, cervical, uterine, and breast cancers along with fibroid tumors, gestational hypertension and gestational diabetes. I will not surrender this issue to the left, as it appears that the presumptive GOP presidential nominee has done. Sir, I humbly submit that you reassess your statement and position and realize that Life is our first unalienable right. Find an agreeable moral standard and put these delusional individuals who accept this evil premise of “abortion on demand” on defense.

Sir, read Deuteronomy 30:19 and let that guide you in making the right governing decision. Seize the moral high ground and stand upon a position of what is right and just, not politically acceptable, and certainly not cater to the whims of an industry of death.

Let’s all lift this Nation up in prayer that it will produce leaders who do not operate in the realm of fear but stand upon that which is right, moral, and just. No one can convince me that a policy of dismembering babies in the womb is any of those. Yes, we can correct all the failed policies that are a detriment to our economic, energy, national, border, and domestic security, along with our foreign and educational policies. However, our Constitutional Republic will not reach its full potential and strength if we do not embrace our first unalienable right, Life, for the unborn and born.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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