America’s founders knew the strength in the American experiment rest with the individual citizen. As citizens we voluntarily cede to the government in a descending fashion, starting with the individual and ending with the federal government. That’s right. The real power in our country rests with the individual and then the local and state representatives they elect. Only limited enumerated powers are granted by us to the federal government — even fewer than we grant at the state level.

The Committee to Support and Defend works to help U.S. veterans support and defend their oath to the Constitution by engaging them as fighters at the local level.

  • You can hold accountable your local and state policy makers.
  • You can help pass local legislation and ordinances that protect your family and community.
  • You can continue to serve by running for office.

Our aim is to embrace local politics and arm you with the tools to make a difference in your community and state. Parents are getting involved and getting elected to school boards. Citizens, not politicians or lobbyists, are encouraging local and state representatives to implement new fair and free voting legislation at the state level — and legislation that tackles national issues locally tends to trickle upward.

We can make a difference by focusing on our own communities — where each and every vote matters. Be sure to let us know how you’re able to use these materials in your community. Or, if you have requests for future model legislation templates, please email us.

Resolution: Prohibiting Ranked Choice Voting

Ranked Choice Voting is a method of voting where instead of choosing just one candidate, voters rank candidates in order of preference. If a single candidate receives a majority of first-choice votes, then they are declared the winner.

However, if no candidate receives a majority, an automated instant runoff is initiated and the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated, and their votes are redistributed behind the scenes based on the voters’ second choices.

If those voters did not specify a second choice, their votes are thrown out.

This process continues until one candidate has a majority of the remaining votes and is declared the winner. After the initial ballot is cast, the voter has no input in the process, regardless of how many instant runoff rounds occur. There is no concept of a traditional runoff election where voters can make new choices based on the new field of top candidates.


Ordinance: Protecting Vulnerable Voters

Voting is a fundamental right for American citizens. Unfortunately, not all Americans are able to participate equally in the voting process. Many citizens find their votes are at risk of not being counted or, in the worst case, subject to fraud.

This ordinance helps vulnerable voting constituencies to protect their vote and exercise their civic right to participate in America’s election process by requiring group homes and care facilities to provide training to staff members and caregivers on correct election procedures in their state. Additionally, this ordinance requires facilities to provide educational information to all of its patients/residents about state election law as it pertains to independence and confidentiality in voting, prohibitions against undue influence by staff or outside activists, and methods of reporting of these violations of law.


Bill Prohibiting Gender Reassignment Surgery for Children

This bill is modeled from the recently enacted Florida Statute making it illegal for doctors to perform surgeries or other medical procedures or prescribe medication on/to a minor when such medical intervention is aimed at changing the physical appearance of the child to mimic the appearance or characteristics of the opposite sex. Medical providers are not prohibited from performing such procedures on adults, but a strict informed consent requirement is imposed by this law. This bill also creates a private right of action for persons negatively impacted by procedures performed in contravention of this law.


Ordinance Revising Special Event Permit Application Process

This ordinance sets forth criteria for municipalities to utilize in vetting permit applications for outdoor events to ensure that all events occurring in view of the public are not offensive to the prevailing morality in the community and, most importantly, do not threaten to corrupt the innocence of children.


Bill Prohibiting Attendance of Children at Adult Live Performances

This bill is modeled after a Tennessee State Statute banning “adult cabaret performances,” including drag performances, from being held in a public place or any place where a minor is present.


Health Freedom Ordinance

The Health Freedom Ordinance prohibits businesses and government buildings within the enacting City or County from requiring persons seeking entry to produce proof of vaccination against COVID-19 (commonly referred to as a “vaccine passport”); prohibits the enacting local government entity from imposing a vaccine mandates upon its employees and from imposing mask or quarantine orders upon its employees or residents; prohibits private employers from requiring their employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 without allowing religious, medical, and other enumerated exemptions; and, makes clear that policies of World Health Organization (or any other international organization) shall not be adhered to by the local government authority.


Prohibiting Discrimination By Transplant Centers Based on COVID-19 Vaccination Status

This Bill, named “Yulia’s Law” after an individual who hopes to benefit from its possible passage in North Carolina, prohibits discrimination against individuals donating or receiving an anatomical gift or organ transplant solely on the basis of their COVID-19 vaccination status. The Bill applies to any licensed provider of health care services, including licensed health care practitioners, hospitals, nursing facilities, laboratories, intermediate care facilities, psychiatric residential treatment facilities, institutions for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, and prison health centers.


Bill of Rights Sanctuary County Ordinance

The Bill of Rights Sanctuary County Ordinance utilizes the Left’s “sanctuary” model to protect individual liberties (as opposed to illegal immigrants). The notion of a “sanctuary” county or city is rooted in the legal principle known as the anti-commandeering doctrine, which is firmly established in case law including precedent established by the United States Supreme Court (precise case quotes and citations are set forth in the introductory paragraphs of the Ordinance).

The anti-commandeering doctrine holds that localities cannot be compelled to act as an arm of the federal government by carrying out federal government programs and policies at the behest of the federal government. Just as courts have upheld the refusal of localities to have their law enforcement do the work of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, so, too, can counties and cities refuse to do the bidding of the federal government programs when doing so would infringe upon the federal constitutional rights of their citizens. This Ordinance prohibits local officials and employees from participating in carrying out any federal government mandate that violates individual liberties set forth in the Bill of Rights.


Our elected officials should uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. It is the foundation of our Constitutional Republic and the cornerstone of our freedom.

According to our Constitution, and the concept of natural rights, all power is held by the people. Furthermore, all power not specifically enumerated to the federal government falls to state and local governments. This is why it is so important that our town, city, county, and state elected officials support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Please encourage your elected officials to sign this pledge!