election fraud is realNightly news anchors dutifully claim that accusations of election fraud are unfounded. Those claims are themselves unfounded. Election fraud exists in every election — the only question is how much and whether it’s significant enough to swing an election against the will of legitimate voters.

Consider some recent examples from thousands of documented incidents of election fraud.

And the list goes on. Election fraud has always been real. That’s why it’s so important Americans dedicated to free and fair constitutional principles get involved in administering and overseeing our elections.

You can make a real difference!


Freedom isn’t free. Neither are elections. Our Constitutional Republic relies on an army of workers and volunteers to run every election. As you well know, free and fair elections are the bedrock of the American system. It’s up to us to make sure it remains easy to vote and hard to cheat.

You can make a difference by serving as a poll volunteer or worker!

Become a Poll Worker

  • As a poll worker, you’ll be the face of the election to voters in your area. You’ll help set up polling locations, ensure quick and easy access to voting, answer questions about the voting process, instruct voters how to use voting equipment, verify voting registrations, issue ballots, and more.
  • While policies vary by state, poll workers are usually paid positions. Many states will pay you to complete pre-election training and for service on and around election day itself.
  • Eligibility requirements vary by state. For example:
    • You may or may not need to be a registered voter.
    • Your state may have specific age requirements.
    • You may need to be a resident of the state where you wish to serve.
    • Political party affiliation may or may not be required depending on your state.

Become a Poll Watcher

  • Poll watchers observe and monitor election administration to help ensure procedures follow free and fair practices. Watchers may also perform other functions like monitoring voter turnout.
  • Poll watchers are not supposed to take part in, or interfere with the election process itself. Only poll workers directly administer the voting process and logistics.
  • Poll watching policies and procedures vary widely by state. In most states, political parties and candidates can appoint poll watchers to observe elections. Some states allow other organizations or civic groups to be poll watchers.
  • Poll watchers are usually required to be registered voters.
  • Partisan poll watchers ensure that procedures and practices to not unfairly disadvantage their candidates and campaigns. Nonpartisan observers help ensure compliance with accepted election procedures.


As every jurisdiction manages its own policies, procedures, and application processes, we’ll need your full address and contact information so we can help you get connected to the right resources in your state. We do not share this information in any way and only use it to direct you to the proper election worker and poll watcher procedures in your area.

Please fill out this form completely and be sure to indicate whether you are interested in becoming a poll worker, poll watcher, or both.

Thank you for your service!