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Broken Arrow


Allen West


May 16, 2023

Those of us with a military background certainly know what those two words represent. Some of you without a military background may recognize those words from the 2002 film “We Were Soldiers.” The movie, starring Mel Gibson and Sam Elliott, is based upon the book titled, “We Were Soldiers, Once and Young” which told the true story of the Air Cavalry Battalion of the 7th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division engagement with a numerically superior North Vietnamese Army Division in the Ia Drang Valley. It was the first battle between regular forces of the two nations. The code word “Broken Arrow” was used when the unit faced being completely overrun and signaled all available air support necessary, even at close range.

Last week, the United States of America officially entered into a state of being overrun. That is especially the case here in my home state of Texas. The videos and true, factual, reports, not those of the partisan, propagandized media, show the mass flood of humanity illegally entering our country. We have reached a point of calling out “Broken Arrow,” but the difference is that there is no support forthcoming. As a matter of fact, the purposeful and intentional disregard of our borders by federal and state elected officials is highly disturbing, treasonous, and fully representative of high crimes and misdemeanors. To ignore and abandon legal, law-abiding citizens at a time when their homes, ranches, property, and communities are being overrun by those who do not have a right to enter our country is appalling. No good commander or leader would abandon their troops in dire need. Then again, we witnessed Barack Hussein Obama do so in Benghazi and Joe Biden do the same in Afghanistan. I reiterate my assertion, no good commander or leader would do such.

The pertinent question then becomes, at this moment of utter distress, what can the American people do?

As I have watched countless videos from the border since last Thursday and experienced firsthand recently, there is a very disconcerting phenomenon. The amount of single military-age males being allowed illegal entry into America should give us all concern. As well, the same goes for the level of single military-age females. I saw videos of Mexican officials taking illegals to positions and crossing points where there were no individuals to deter their entry. See, you can put up concertina wire, but if no one is there conducting overwatch, it loses its value and capability. Over these past two years We the People have been fed lies, deception, gimmicks, optics, and platitudes when it comes to our southern border security. Now, it has reached its full zenith, and there are still two more years of Biden regime rule . . . even more years of a feckless Texas governor. Neither of whom are fulfilling their constitutional duties and responsibilities.

Therefore, the responsibility falls upon the people, the true American citizens who understand safety and security. This is not an issue of Black, White, Hispanic, or Asian. This is simply an issue of the rule of law, or its abdication and utter dismissal, which has horrific ramifications for us all. Citizens must begin to organize themselves at the county and city level and reject this clear and present threat, lawlessness. Truly consider the fact that those entering our nation illegally are receiving more free benefits and amenities than our veterans do. When have you heard of homeless veterans being housed in the world’s tallest Holiday Inn in New York City? Given free cell phones? Free bus and plane tickets to the destination of their choice?

Yes, Broken Arrow!

It is time we look to our constitutional law enforcement officers, sheriffs, and empower them to reject the overrunning of our communities. It is time that more of us find the time to volunteer and assist our sheriffs in fulfilling their constitutional duties of honoring the rule of law and protecting us. It is apparent that we cannot depend upon politicians, elected officials, whether Democrat or Republican, to fulfill their responsibility, as they are willfully eschewing that duty for ideological gain. There is a reason why the Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment as they did, “A well-regulated [trained] militia [the people] being necessary to the security of a free state [nation], the right of the people [who form the trained militia] to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Yes, Broken Arrow!

The support is not coming from anywhere else but from us. We have watched countless hours of video of armed law enforcement agents and national guard troops, armed, but not doing anything to protect us. Sadly, they are following immoral, unlawful, unethical, and unconstitutional orders from those placed in command above them. As a former Army Battalion Commander who served in combat, I cannot fathom abandoning any of my Soldiers who were in a desperate situation of being overrun by the enemy. We have sayings in the military that “Warriors move to the sound of the Guns” and “Leave no man behind.” I once stated, “if it is about the safety and lives of my men, I would go through hell with a gasoline can.” Who can the American people, those of us here in Texas, look to who embodies that sentiment, that level of commitment, and conviction?

Yes, Broken Arrow!

We are playing a part in history, and that is watching the demise of the sovereignty of the United States. Anyone enabling this to occur is aiding and abetting drug, human, and sex trafficking, including child sexual exploitation. Back in the Ia Drang Valley, General Von Giap’s troops did break through LTC Hal Moore’s lines, but they were repulsed by a complete and total response of American military firepower. Our lines, our sovereign border has been violated, we are being overrun, but where is our response? America has no leadership at this critical moment; therefore, the response must come from each of us. Not the summer soldiers and sunshine patriots, but those of us who would willingly rush into hell to protect and preserve our Constitutional Republic. The politicians want to see an American defeat, a fundamental transformation. They do not deserve our respect and regard as long as they allow this to happen. China, Russia, Iran, Islamic jihadists, and the narco-criminal terrorists are laughing at us because of weak men and women who parade about with political titles. But there is still an American fighting spirit that quietly says we will not be subjugated.

Remember, Broken Arrow was a codename that leveraged full and available combat power to be concentrated at a decisive moment. Broken Arrow was not an indicator of surrender, or defeat, it was the means to send a message to the enemy that we ain’t giving up! That we will put a boot up yer butt with a smile. Yes, even outnumbered 5:1 those troopers of the 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment carried the day in the Ia Drang Valley.

Steadfast and Loyal.

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