Live Free TV: Allen West Welcomes Alabama Senator Tuberville — Fighting For Our Principles


ACRU Staff


October 25, 2023

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LTC Allen West welcomes Alabama Senator Tuberville to discuss the importance of fighting for core principles, including protecting the unborn, the readiness of our military and how those two issues intersect with the federal government’s implementation of new abortion policies for federal employees and military members. Deployed military members can’t travel home for the birth of their child and must pay their own way to come home to visit a sick family member, but the current administration is anxious to have taxpayers foot the bill for abortion for military members. Also addressed is the destruction of military readiness and capability from dismantling the historical military meritocracy in favor of woke racial and religious quota objectives. The Senator and LTC West also discuss the Biden administration’s tacit support of terrorist regimes like Hamas and Iran through “aid” and appeasement packages and the risks entailed with those strategies.



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