Live Free TV: How the Transgender Movement is Targeting Your Children


Allen West


December 14, 2023

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LTC West welcomes Brandon Showalter, journalist with the Christian Post to discuss the assault on parental rights. Activists are fighting hard for “rights” for children to have abortions, undergo permanent medical procedures under the umbrella of gender dysphoria, and more—all without parental knowledge, much less consent. Is the government claiming responsibility for raising your children? What about the medical establishment? Is the “first, do no harm” pillar of medical ethics a thing of the past?

Colonel West and Mr. Showalter discuss what’s really going on with gender transition and gender nullification surgeries. It’s ghoulish and has life-altering consequences, yet there are those pushing for more of this appalling activity. What kind of medical “professionals” continue to support these kinds of surgeries because a child thinks they want it? When did our society deem children capable of making life-altering decisions before they’re old enough to get a driver’s license? Learn how the progressive left has linked identity and self-worth to medical “treatments” in an effort to push the LGBTQ and transgender agenda.



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