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Chaos? By Whose Definition?


Allen West


January 24, 2024

Chaos – (Noun) Complete disorder and confusion.

“The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.” — Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV)

If the situation weren’t so serious, all of the absurd assertions being made by the progressive socialist left — and some delusional Republicans — would be comical. Recently, we have heard the left declare that former President Donald Trump is a dictator. Well, we penned a little missive that took that on and debunked it based on the definition of a dictator and the current policies of the Biden administration. We have heard this crowd assert that Trump is an authoritarian. We also delved into that and responded that a sitting president stating that “no amendment to the Constitution is absolute” is quite authoritarian. No, Trump did not say that at the White House; Biden did.

Now we have the usual suspects, including GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley, saying that we do not need to return to the “chaos” of Trump.

I am the first to admit that former President Trump can be his own worst enemy. We offered a piece on this outlet stating that Donald Trump needed a good old-fashioned Command Sergeant Major as his personal self-discipline enforcer. “Mean Tweets” and rambling at the podium during rallies can easily be corrected.

But, when you think about the definition of chaos, we have been truly living it these past years of the Biden administration. Let’s take a look.

Joe Biden came into office, and the first thing he ordered, unconstitutionally, was to undermine our own energy independence. Biden created mass chaos in our energy sector by declaring war against our oil and gas industry. Instead of America producing, consuming, and exporting its very own energy resources, Biden returned us to being energy slaves. That foolish decision led to the rise of inflation, which when Biden came into office was just 1.4 percent. It ended up topping out at 9.1 percent. Even the absurd Federal Reserve decision to raise interest rates has created confusion and chaos in our household and automobile purchasing markets. Not everyone is capable of paying 7 percent interest on a new home, especially when fuel prices and food commodity prices remain exorbitantly high.

Another bit of chaos that stems from Biden’s energy policy is that our very own Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) dropped down to a 17-day supply. We actually were selling our SPR to our number one geopolitical foe, China. And, doggone, we certainly have seen an increase in chaos when it comes to our relations with China, a nation now openly threatening Taiwan, where 90 percent of semiconductor chips are made. Electric vehicles, nah, not for me, especially when it is China that has cornered the EV battery market.

I think there is no greater evidence of the chaos produced by the Biden administration than in our national security and foreign policy. Talk about a “c’mon, man” moment!

Does anyone want to debate the chaotic situation we witnessed with the withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan? Sadly, American troops lost their lives because of the insane confusion caused by Biden, and no one has been held accountable. Chaos? What do you call it when people hung onto an Air Force C-17 transport plane as it taxied down the runway and fell to their deaths as the aircraft took off? I do not recall anything of that sort during the Trump administration. As a matter of fact, ISIS was decimated, its leader killed along with Iranian General Suleimani, head of their Revolutionary Guards Corps, a designated terrorist organization.

When Trump said the US Embassy would move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the Islamic jihadists ranted and raved about blood in the streets. Does anyone recall that coming to pass? Then Biden came along, failed to enforce sanctions against Iran, and now we have witnessed the Islamic terrorist group Hamas conduct a bold daytime raid into Israel on October 7, 2023. Now Iran is bankrolling the Houthi rebels of Yemen, who are incessantly firing upon US and international trade ships in the Gulf of Aden. Iran is firing missiles into Pakistan, specifically Balochistan. Russia invaded Ukraine and has created chaos in Europe — not during the Trump administration — but under Biden, costing the American taxpayers billions of dollars. China now has a larger naval force than the US.

Our SecDef went AWOL for four days while his deputy was out of the country, and no one told Biden. That exemplifies chaos and confusion.

Hey, don’t fret! We have transgender recruiters in our navy! Our military knows the right pronouns to use! We are doing lots of training on the cultural Marxist topics of victimization, oppression, and inclusion. All while our military fails to meet its recruiting and retention levels. The current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Charles Q. Brown, believes we only need 46 percent white pilots in the Air Force. Yep, that is how we focus our military and build a cohesive force. Oh, by the way, Sen. Dick Durbin said we can just recruit illegal immigrants into our military.

Talk about chaos and confusion! The left may want to deny it — certainly DHS Secretary Mayorkas does — but our border situation, which was under control under Trump, is abysmal. Our nation is now facing the threat of domestic terrorist actions. We have the drug, human, and sex trafficking crisis. Healthcare and education are in crisis. All of these are because this Biden administration has created massive chaos at our southern border, much to the economic benefit of the transnational narco-criminal terrorists, the cartels. Along with that purposeful and intentional chaos, look at the abhorrent rise in crime on our streets due to activist leftist District Attorneys. Stores are closing in many of our inner cities due to what they term “shrinkage.” I call it theft. The left calls it “equity.”

Sure, the leftists continue to milk January 6th as much as they can. But why is the left silent about the chaos that burned down communities, committed by, and supported by, leftists? Why are leftists silent when we see the chaos of Islamic terrorism, namely Hamas, taking to our streets and causing unrest and confusion all across our country? I mean, weren’t the recent acts against our White House an insurrection by these domestic jihadists who went about tearing down our American flag on Veterans Day, calling for increased violence, and even marching against a Children’s hospital in NYC?

The wise King Solomon of Israel got it right . . . yeah, Israel; it’s been around for 5785 years. “The heart of the fool inclines to the left.” Leftists — progressives, socialists, statists, Marxists, communists — have been creating chaos and confusion since their creation. Hundreds of millions have died under their yoke and design. Leftists in America like to call everyone who disagrees with their chaos and confusion “Nazis” and refer to individuals as “Hitler.” Well, the party of the jackass does not realize that the Nazi stood for the National Socialist party . . . certainly not constitutional conservatives, the classical liberals.

Always remember: what the left is accusing others of is exactly what they are doing. Never forget, it was the author of the American leftist playbook, Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his book, “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer . . . Yeah, Satan. You know, that fallen angel the Bible refers to as the “author of confusion.”

That’s all.

Steadfast and Loyal.

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