Live Free TV: How Men Are Taking Over Women’s Sports with Taylor Silverman


ACRU Staff


January 30, 2024

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Colonel West welcomes Taylor Silverman to explore the frightening trend of society welcoming and even celebrating biological males competing in female sports. Taylor Silverman is an athlete who has competed for over a decade. After having to compete against a man in an all-women’s event, Taylor is joining many other women athletes in speaking out against this injustice.

Taylor has faced male competitors on at least three different occasions, most recently at a major Red Bull Cornerstone skateboarding competition. She is one of many who have not only suffered in placement and results but faced the injustice of a man taking prize money from top female athletes.

Col. West discusses the shocking reaction of some feminists who are now embracing the trans-male entries after having fought so long and hard for Title Nine and how this attitude is bleeding over into more general gender ideology fights in schools and elsewhere.



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