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There Are No Adult Leftists


Allen West


April 30, 2024

Last week I traveled out to Santa Barbara, California, a damn beautiful area, for the purpose of speaking for the Young America’s Foundation Rawhide Circle Retreat. The actual event was held at the Alisal Ranch in Solvang, which is a picturesque Danish-themed town in the Santa Ynez Valley. My flight from Dallas took me to Las Vegas, where I caught my connection, SWA flight 274. I travel mostly on Southwest Airlines and had boarding position A2, meaning I got my prized seat, starboard side exit row aisle! Two gentlemen came along and asked to take the window and middle seat. The one fella in the middle seat was reading a book called “You Dreamed of Empires” by Alvaro Enrigue. Before he began with his book he was checking his news feed on his phone…and then it came.

This fella blurted out to his male partner, “Why don’t they just leave the students alone in the tents?” He continued by saying that they were just peacefully protesting against war; he called them anti-war. He further asked when being anti-war became anti-Semitic. He took the position that the school term would be over soon anyway, so just leave them alone. I suppose my fellow traveler did not understand that Jewish students are not being allowed to attend class at a school like Columbia University, which has $80K/year tuition. They are being told to stay sequestered somewhere and take their classes virtually. Hmm, does anyone smell a lawsuit coming?

Yeah, da ol’ Colonel had to bite his lip, but then I realized what the real issue is…there are no adult leftists. Much the same as Peter Pan, they are stuck in a permanent childish, immature, irrational, and imbecile state of mental existence. Obviously, this fella who was sitting next to me did not realize, or perhaps he did and did not care, that if you were truly anti-war, you should not be taking up the position of a designated Islamic terrorist organization, Hamas, that attacked a sovereign Nation, Israel. This cheeky fella certainly must not have been aware of the chants being proliferated in these “Hamas Youth Camps” that call for the genocide of Jews and the eradication of the Jewish State. That is the essence of anti-Semitism, not free speech. Or maybe this guy was unaware that a Jewish student had his eye nearly gouged out by a “peaceful Hamas youth protester” who stabbed him in the eye with the flagstaff carrying the terrorist banner.

As of Thursday evening at Alisal Ranch, I have not heard a peep from Columbia University alum Barack Hussein Obama on this matter. That silence is deafening, to say the least.
Where are the presidents of these respective universities? Oops, I forgot; everything is examined in context. But the prevailing thing we must understand and accept is that there are no adult leftists. The Department of Homeland Security has made an empty threat to revoke the student visas of foreign students who are expelled. Well, it would require adults in the campus administrations to take the action of expelling these miscreants. Recently, Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson went to Columbia University. Where was Senate Majority Leader, Jewish Senator Chuck Schumer? Again, no adult leftists.

Oh, by the way, we now know how dumb Biden’s idea about a floating humanitarian pier into Gaza is; Hamas has fired mortars at the US-led engineering effort, and equipment was damaged. Yep, we do not have an adult in the White House. Heck, we do not have a functional person as president, but he can lick a mean ice cream cone…like a kid. Refer back to the Peter Pan assertion. I remember back when Nancy Pelosi first took the Speaker’s gavel, and she quipped that the gavel was in the hands of the children of America…yep, literally.

The progressive socialist leftists, aka Democrat party, are more concerned about appeasement, negotiating, acquiescing, and compromising with delusional, deranged brats because that is the nature of the progressive socialist left, Marxists. For them, having the electoral patronage of children supporting a terrorist organization is more important than our Nation and our best ally in the Middle East.

See, adults make decisions, especially when it comes to disciplining children. Leftists believe that if your kid thinks they are a different gender, let them be, regardless of the harm and danger. And if you are an American adult and take a different position, then leftists believe you should not have children. Leftists who unfortunately have children allow their biological male kids to jump into swimming pools with the daughters of American adults, and you best accept that. This is why leftists have sought to overturn Title IX because they are not adult enough to tell their kids that this is foolishness. Heck, just like kids, they celebrate this whole delusion. So, what is next? Kids who want to affirm being an alcoholic?

I recall the saying, “Come let us reason together.” But how can you reason with people who have the intellectual capacity of the Scarecrow character from the Wizard of Oz? I could have easily interjected myself into the conversation with the fella on the plane sitting next to me, but his head would have exploded. I could have presented facts and articulated how supporting an Islamic terrorist organization that killed and held Americans hostage is not something we just brush off and appease. I presume he would have had to require the oxygen mask to be deployed for his personal safety.

While I was awaiting my flight at Dallas Love Field, Gate 4, MSNBC was playing “Morning Joe.” There was not a single iota of discussion about what was happening on these college and university campuses and expanding to other areas. The topic de jour was the Donald Trump trials. See, the mindless lemmings and useful idiots that frequent such outlets cannot bear to discuss anything weighty that goes against their dogma. If so, they throw fits and tantrums like a kid in the cereal aisle in the grocery store. Those are the kids whose leftist parents beg and attempt to reason with little John and Jane, throwing themselves on the floor. I tried that one time with my mom. Elizabeth Thomas “Snooks” West was an adult, and she beat my tail. Guess what? I never did that again. My Dad, the ole World War II Army Corporal, beat me down because I did not speak to the adults sitting on their porches in his hometown of Cuthbert, GA, one day. To this day, I regard people as “Sir” and “Ma’am.”

Always remember, the little radicals throwing fits on college and university campuses today will continue the leftist tradition of being stuck in Never Never Land. They believe that a little pixie dust can solve all their problems and don’t want to be bothered with anything tough. That is why the gentleman on Southwest Airlines flight 274 from Las Vegas to Santa Barbara said, “Just leave the kids alone in the tents; they aren’t bothering anyone.” Yeah, they just shout out chants of genocide and death to America.

Or until something goes boom in America because the leftists’ kids masquerading as grown-ups have surrendered our national sovereignty, allowing our enemies to enter our Republic. If you think the summer of 2020 was bad, just wait for this summer. Those who remember the DNC convention of 1968, get ready. The radical children from then and the radical children of today. As the wise Jewish King Solomon said in Ecclesiastes, “There is nothing new under the sun.” And no truer words could have been spoken when it comes to Marxists, Islamists, and the lack of adult leftists.

Steadfast and Loyal.

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