Protecting Vulnerable Voters


ACRU Staff


September 30, 2022

Thanks to the support of our loyal and generous ACRU members, we have rolled out a nationwide campaign this year to protect vulnerable voters from vote suppression and fraud. This year’s campaign has greatly expanded from the scope of our 2020 campaign. Our robust efforts include thousands of letters to nursing home and residential facility directors across the country reminding them of state and federal election laws. These letters, written by our legal team, also offer resources for directors to train their staff and provide information to residents and family members. Our trained staff works with facility management all across the country to ensure vulnerable voters are protected. For more information, please go to
This multifaceted campaign includes radio ads promoting ACRU’s Vote Fraud Hotline (888-820-VOTE). Here’s one of the new ads:
If you have evidence of election fraud, please contact us for assistance. Our staff and legal team will assist with filing formal complaints to the appropriate authorities. We will also investigate and shed sunshine on those who attempt to defraud vulnerable voters.
For liberty,
Lori Roman, ACRU President


Join the Committee to Support and Defend


By joining the Committee to Support and Defend, you will be directly supporting our active-duty servicemembers, their families and our treasured veterans.

A full 100 percent of your donation will go straight to servicemember and veteran support. Not one dime goes to overhead or administrative costs. Generous donors fund the infrastructure so the Committee to Support and Defend can provide maximum support to those who need it most.

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