The Contributing Factor to Lawlessness


Allen West


February 1, 2023

This week’s theme is centered around the aspect of lawlessness. On Monday, our weekly Townhall op-ed piece was published, which you can read here. As well, this Thursday evening we will have a webinar discussion on the topic of the Left’s Love of Lawlessness, and you can sign up here. In the Townhall piece, I presented the work of one Frederic Bastiat who published an essay back in 1850 called “The Law.” It is a vital read for those who wish to understand the function of the law in a constitutional republic for the preservation of individual rights in a civil society. When I learned that this was a piece of writing that Ronald Reagan kept in his office, well, the rest is understandable.

Here in these United States, we have all the foundational and fundamental tools for the successful operations of a Republic. However, the greatest contributing factor to the lawlessness we now see is a lack of courage. The dismissal of our rule of law is truly a bipartisan effort. Just remember that 19 Republican Senators voted for an unconstitutional action, the omnibus spending bill. As well, you saw many Republicans vehemently respond to the quest to implement necessary reforms to ensure constitutional governance in our US House of Representatives where the GOP had won a majority.

Those who seek their own self-interest, or advance certain special interests, possess an uncanny boldness and audacity…hmm, remember the “Audacity of Hope?” It is as if they are consistently saying law-abiding citizens of this Republic, “I triple dog dare you to stop us.” And sadly, we tend to reinforce their abhorrent behavior by cowering away to their insidious edicts, orders, mandates, and decrees because we fear retribution, and abhor sacrifice. If that were the case 246 years ago, this grand experiment of self-governance would have never been launched against the greatest military power and nation the world knew.

When I hear Americans ask, “Why vote? It is all rigged,” that is a stench in my nostrils. It is a surrender mentality that will only reward those who seek lawlessness and to rule, not govern. If we cannot find the time to spend to make the effort to combat wrongdoing by elected officials and their accomplices, then in the long run we will prove unworthy of this gift, the title of American citizen.

I remember some left-wing reporter down in South Florida once asked me why I wear my paratrooper wings? I responded that it reminds me of the incredible legacy of which I am part of, Sky Soldiers. Those who jump from airplanes into harm’s way behind enemy lines and fight from whence their feet hit the ground, inch by inch, yard by yard, mile by mile . . . until they achieve their objective. That is the mentality I wish to inspire others to aspire to! I want us to look and see how we can make a difference first in our homes, our communities, our churches, our schools, our cities, and counties. I want you all to get engaged at your local level and send a message that you will not comply with lawlessness. I want you to make a stand and say from this point forward lawlessness will not advance but will retreat, and ultimately surrender.

No more having political elites telling you that you and your business are not essential. No more accepting rules and regulations based upon ideological agendas as law, they ain’t! No more allowing anyone to believe that your children are not your children. No more rewarding the bad behavior of elected officials with reelection. Raise up a new generation of citizen-servants and legislators who will serve you, not themselves. Call out the lies and attend town hall meetings. Send letters, make calls, emails, and most of all get involved in our election process. Start at the county level eradicating unsolicited mail-in ballots. Push to have your voter registration rolls reviewed, cleared, and updated. Get people registered to vote.

Most of all, share the knowledge and responsibility of what it means to be a citizen in this constitutional republic.

We should not be living in a nation where over 5 million people have entered illegally and another one million are here without a trace. Start visiting with your Sheriff and find out if they are truly a constitutional Sheriff or just a petty lawless usurper. Connect with the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) and have them assess your Sheriff.

The famed words of Sir Edmund Burke ring true, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil [lawlessness] is for good men to do nothing.” Your call to action is simple: do something. Fight your way out of the ambush of lawlessness. Because any savvy military combat leader will tell you, if you stay fixed in the ambush zone you will die there. Right now, America is squarely in the ambush zone of lawlessness. Fear paralyzes you, courage will inspire you to action, which is the essence of being an American and the American spirit.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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