Press Release: An American Resurrection


ACRU Staff


April 11, 2023


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MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Former Congressman LTC Allen West, Executive Director, ACRU

An American Resurrection

The Progressive Left: Man, Meaning Government, Determines Your Rights

Naples, FL — “There is an American resurrection coming because there is an American awakening. This resurrection will bring about a reconciliation of our founding principles. There will be a restoration of respect and regard for our rule of law. There is a spirit of courage, determination, and will arising across the Nation.” observes Allen West, Executive Director of the American Constitutional Rights Union, in his latest OPED for

West continues, “America right now is in a perpetual Good Friday; there is darkness that is spreading across the land. The foundations of our Constitutional Republic are being shaken, attempting to be destroyed. As Jesus spoke from the Cross, His last words, ‘It is Finished,’ there are those who believe that the United States is finished, that their fundamental transformation has been completed. The purveyors of hate, evil, and wrongdoing seemingly rejoice at the death and burial of this great Constitutional Republic. They are setting guards about to ensure America is dead…and enabling foreign adversaries as well.”

What is fundamental to an American Resurrection? According to West, “There are those who would say now is a time for compromise, negotiation, and appeasement. We must reject those calls for surrender in the face of abject totalitarianism and tyranny. Individualism cannot coexist with collectivism. Equality of opportunity cannot coexist with equality of outcomes. Economic empowerment cannot coexist with economic enslavement. Liberty cannot coexist with tyranny. The rule of law cannot coexist with absolutism. Territorial sovereignty cannot coexist with open borders. Freedom of speech and expression cannot coexist with fascism and suppression of those freedoms. Truth cannot coexist with moral relativism. Good cannot be called evil, and evil be called good; our children must not be used as interests of adult sexualization. And choosing life for our children, born and unborn, cannot be denigrated, disparaged, and attacked.”

If there is to be an American resurrection, the time to choose which side of the line upon which you will stand is now. Summer soldiers and sunshine patriots need not apply.


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