Free vs. Ideological Press


Allen West


May 18, 2023

The First Amendment is the beginning of our individual Bill of Rights. But, there is one right listed there that some would perhaps believe has nothing to do with individual rights: the freedom of the press. However, when you ponder upon the words, “or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition their government for redress of grievance,” one can surmise why the freedom of the press is vital to our individual rights. A free press is one that objectively keeps the people informed, educated, and able to discern infringement upon their constitutional rights. A free press sets the conditions for us to be citizens in a Constitutional Republic, not subjects in a tyrannical monarchy or system of rule. If we lose that objective press, one that is no longer free to speak to the truth, then We the People can be driven like mindless lemmings.

That is where we are in our Republic today. We have transitioned from a free press to an ideological press that seeks to advance an agenda that is antithetical to our Constitutional Republic and the fundamental ideas of individual rights, freedoms, and liberties.

Just consider the whole COVID situation when anyone challenging a prescribed narrative was shut down and censored. The people lost their right to free speech and expression, and that was enabled by government collusion with media platforms to suppress dissension. In every case, it was about facts being discarded as “disinformation” or “misinformation.” We almost saw an Orwellian government directorate established in the Department of Homeland Security to “police” said violations. We the People were stripped of our most basic freedoms, just to go outside, and were driven into submission over a virus that severely affected those with certain comorbidities. But, to speak in such a way, one was assailed. We even saw medical professionals have their credentials threatened or licenses revoked, all because they did, indeed, follow the science.

We just had the final report from the Durham investigation which concluded exactly what everyone knew to be true: the Russian collusion narrative was just a hoax. Even worse, it was a concocted political web of lies that was wholeheartedly supported by a willing, complicit, and ideological press. If it were not so tragic, it would be almost comical to go back and watch all the leftist media soundbites accusing Donald Trump of being a Russian agent. Consider the millions of taxpayer dollars wasted on the Mueller investigation that delivered nothing. All the while, a Democrat member of Congress, Eric Swalwell of California, was literally sleeping with the enemy, a Chinese agent named Fang Fang. You just cannot make this stuff up.

Now we are hearing that the Department of Justice has told the IRS to abolish its team that was investigating Hunter Biden. We all know that it was the leftist propaganda media that bombarded us with the narrative that the Hunter Biden laptop story was “Russian disinformation.” As a matter of fact, we now know that current Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and others were responsible for the deceitful letter signed by 51 “intelligence community experts” asserting such a lie. But, when one turns over to a leftist media outlet, you will hear nothing about the Durham report, true Russian collusion, the false intelligence expert letter, or anything that points towards corruption and nepotism of the Biden administration and family.

When you watch the Sunday morning news programs on ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN, why is there is no pushback against a habitual liar such as Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas? The border is secured? In whose world? Or how about that Biden parole app? Since when did the Executive Branch have the enumerated constitutional power to pardon illegal immigrants? What about the HHS whistleblower who informed us of some 85,000 illegal immigrant children that have been lost by the Biden administration, many of them now part of child slavery and sexual exploitation. Ahh, nothing to see here, no staged antics from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Do you know why it is so easy to debate a progressive socialist leftist? Because they are the victims of an ideological press and are the “useful idiots” as characterized by Vladimir Lenin. They are the mindless lemmings led over the cliff by the creed of ignorance known as socialism. That is why leftists respond with vehement anger, frothing about the mouth, and violence when challenged, because they are the modern day “Know Nothing” political party. I mean just look at how the left responded to former President Trump being on CNN before a Republican audience for a town hall meeting. They were apoplectic that he was given a platform on their sacred cow, one of their three branches of rule — the media – with the other two being academia and the courts.

A recent poll even blamed the media for the increased divide, ideological chasm, in our nation. CBS sent out a memo telling their acolytes of deceit to not mention that the Nashville Covenant School shooter, Audrey Elizabeth Hale, suffered from gender dysphoria. Biden continues to lie about the economy and inflation, which was 1.4 percent when he assumed office, and the fawning ideological press does not press for the truth. The Hispanic Allen, Texas, mall shooter was a member of a Mexican gang aligned with the El Salvadoran MS-13, but nope, he was a “white supremacist,” with nothing said about his discharge from the US Army due to mental health issues.

No, we no longer have a free press. It has been overtaken by an ideological progressive socialist press that is focused on suppression of truth. When that happens, We the People suffer because our individual rights are undermined due to being kept in the dark, and fed bovine excrement. The media lines up and puts out false photos and stories about Jordan Neely, not discussing his previous physical assaults. The same media says nothing about the black-on-black violence that occurs every day in the urban centers controlled by the progressive socialist left, nor the crime-enhancing policies of leftist District Attorneys.

What is the solution?

We must all become media outlets. We must all disperse the vital kernels of truth that will restore and sustain our Republic. We must be relentless and share truth and knowledge with those in the dark. Show them the light. Many may reject it, but some will accept it because truth is powerful, immutable, and lasting.

We here at the American Constitutional Rights Union will continue to provide you with constitutional truths. We want you to be better informed, educated, and activated to make your stand on this ideological battlefield. Join with us and share our efforts.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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