Incubators of Hatred


Allen West


November 1, 2023

I was watching the news clips of the testimony of Secretary of State Antony Blinken, a true representation of Sir Neville Chamberlain, and FBI Director Christopher Wray. Director Wray admitted that which we all know to be true: America is at an increased risk of a terrorist attack. It appears we are heading back to the days of Barry Soetoro when we regularly dealt with Islamic terrorist attacks in our country. Perhaps Wray should not have focused on parents at school board meetings, groups like Moms for Liberty, the Catholic church and others that the FBI deemed more of a terrorist threat. Then there was Blinken who, in his unassuming manner, was interrupted several times by those shouting, “Stop the genocide in Gaza! Ceasefire now!”

It took me aback, and I wondered how we got to this point in America. How have we suddenly decided that Americans, parents, who want their children to be educated, and have the right to voice that grievance, have become terrorists? How is it that members of the Catholic church, and others, have had to endure federal law enforcement infiltration and raids on their homes, just because they believe in preserving the first unalienable right in our Declaration of Independence for the unborn, life? Why are we allowing millions of individuals illegal entry into our nation, massive numbers of single military-age males, known and unknown? Why are we allowing protests by people who are openly supporting a real terrorist organization that just brutally murdered 30 Americans?

I have been following the story from Cornell University where Jewish students are facing open threats of having their throats slit. We know of the letter signed on by law students, and others at Harvard University, declaring their sympathies with Hamas, a terrorist organization whose charter calls for the elimination of the Jewish state, and its people. When confronted about their letter, the leader of the law school student group tripled down.

I am the first to support the Constitutional First Amendment rights of free speech, free expression, peaceful assembly, and petitioning the government for redress of grievances. However, this goes far beyond that. If there was an obvious case of “hate speech,” this is it! But, for some very odd reason — or perhaps the reason is apparent — the progressive socialist left does not see open alignment with an Islamic terrorist group and the issuance of death threats to a certain race of people, Jewish, as hate speech.

I believe this has all come about because our colleges and universities across America, for the most part, have become incubators of hatred. This has to be recognized especially when there are Jewish students who have admitted that they feel safer in Israel, a country under attack, than they do on American campuses. Why do we allow Islamic terrorism-supporting groups like Students for Justice in Palestine to exist? Their entire platform is nothing but a lie which we exposed in our piece, “What is Palestine?” These college students rant about ending the Israeli occupation, well, Israel exited the Gaza Strip back in 2005. What have they received in return? We hear these students chanting, “From the river to the sea, Palestine must be free!” What does that mean? It is clear: it is a direct assault, hatred, and a call for the eradication of the Jewish people. Refer back to the Hamas charter.

The incubators of hatred have become a rampant field of loathing and anger toward anyone that does not embrace a progressive socialist, Marxist, perspective. I encountered this hatred myself at the University of Buffalo when Black students rabidly shouted, “Black Lives Matter!” to a Black man from the South, and forced my escort from the campus by police. How interesting it is that the same organization publicly displayed a meme showing the silhouette of an armed paraglider with the Islamic terrorist flag of Hamas. I wonder if the National Basketball Association will still be displaying Black Lives Matter on their playing courts?

“Stop the genocide in Gaza?” Not stop the renewed calls for genocide against the Jewish people, as in shouting, “Gas the Jews!” in Australia? The spread of Islamic terrorist propaganda, even by members of our US Congress, is feeding a ravenous rage across the globe, including a mob in Dagestan that rushed an airport terminal, and subsequently the tarmac, to pull Jews off a plane for lynching. Of course, we know which political party in America started the practice of lynching a certain racial group. It is the same one that today foments the hatred of another racial group.

Here we are in America, being told that we are in grave danger of facing an Islamic terrorist attack. All this while we have people freely roaming our streets in full support of Islamic terrorism, yet we are deflecting and calling Constitutional conservatives and those who do not embrace the progressive socialist left’s ideological agenda “terrorists” and “extremists.” How did we get to this point? Because in the incubators of hatred, the progressive socialist leftists share like minds with Islamic jihadists. They both advance the ideals of totalitarianism and tyranny, believing that “by any means necessary” they should achieve success. That means fear, intimidation, coercion, threats, and, as we are well aware of, violence.

How else does one explain the differing treatment between those in Washington, DC, on January 6th, and those who took over the Cannon House Office Building in support of Hamas, and the members of Congress who incited the latter? The unholy alliance between the progressive socialist leftists and Islamic jihadists is rooted in the common bonds of anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism. Their hatred is a binding measure. We cannot Live Free, nor exist, as long as the incubators of hatred thrive and produce future generations of little leftists who ally with Islamic jihadists. Those of us who believe in the fundamental and foundational principles and values of our Republic are not extremists. Those who wish to fundamentally transform it, and destroy our Republic are the extremists and the real threats to our representative democracy. Lesson learned, they can never be in elected power in our nation.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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