Please Come Home for Christmas


Allen West


November 22, 2023

Greetings, everyone, and a very Happy Thanksgiving to y’all! It’s hard to believe we are in the final throes of 2023. Dang it, college football season seems to have just gotten started not long ago, oh well. And, yes, Christmas is right around the corner! Yep, the tree is up and the outside Christmas lights are beaming. I thought of the song for which this missive is titled, and not just because of the Christmas season, but for another reason.

How interesting that we now have the US military asking troops that they wrongfully discharged to, well, please come back. The mandated vaccination order from the Biden administration was unconstitutional, unethical, immoral, and unlawful. I have addressed this issue on several occasions. COVID is a virus, not a disease. During my service in the Army, I had to take many vaccines for protections against specific diseases or biological threats posed in the theater of operations. I was never ordered to take a flu shot and the one time I did, in 1995 in Korea, I got deathly ill.

Now the Biden administration is calling a “mulligan” and asking these discharged troops to return. If my reading of reports is correct, there have been approximately 19 who have taken up the offer. I think we all know why this is happening, given the abysmal recruiting and retention rates for our military, a fact well-known to our enemies. Things are so very bad for our preeminent ground combat forces, the US Army and US Marine Corps, that they had recruitment booths at a Japanese anime (adult cartoon) convention in New York City. I find that to be highly disturbing. But, why would these troops return to a military that is more focused on cultural Marxist dogma, climate change, gender dysphoria, and equity and inclusion? As a matter of fact, when one considers that our troops have been attacked overseas by the Islamic jihadist proxy groups of Iran nearly 70 times, and this Biden administration has only responded four times. Three of which only targeted warehouse munitions storage facilities. Heck, why come back to this military?

Biden’s disgusting peek at his watch during the ramp ceremony, the coming home, for the 13 troops who needlessly lost their lives in Afghanistan, has not been forgotten. The debacle of a surrender and withdrawal has not been forgotten. Biden’s wrongful use of US Marines as props for his deranged and demonic tirade at Constitution Hall in Philadelphia, not far from the birthplace of the US Marines, has not been forgotten.

The US Air Force is threatening those stationed at Minot AB in North Dakota, telling them not to attend a “Patriot Rally” sponsored by Turning Point USA. Every member of the military knows that they cannot attend a “political” event in uniform. These Airmen are being threatened with disciplinary actions if they go, period, on their own time and in civilian clothing. Yes, I guess there will be “undercover kommissars” searching for the dissidents.

Ladies and gents, this is why the American Constitutional Rights Union formed Committee to Support and Defend Action (CSD). The goal is to create the largest constitutionally conservative veterans organization in the country. We are looking for Americans, especially veterans, who will step up and continue to serve this Constitutional Republic. Those who will be a voice for serving in uniform who cannot freely speak out due to the threat of disciplinary action. The senior leadership of our Armed Forces are compromised. They are not standing up for the troops. They are not putting their “stars” on the desk and walking away. They are willingly enabling the crippling of our military and therefore undermining our national security. To me, there is nothing more treasonous.

Join us at CSD and let your voice be heard in support of those who stand upon freedom’s rampart. They are the ones who allow us to have Thanksgiving in freedom. They are deployed, away from their families, but have taken up their position beside their uniformed brothers and sisters . . . a family in and of itself. Many will not be able to come home for Christmas, and I have been one of those in the past. But, the utter level of disrespect evidenced by this Biden administration asking these discarded troops to return to endure more progressive socialist leftist abuse is unconscionable.

Happy Thanksgiving Day, America, but never forget those who will not be coming home for this day, and for Christmas. The greatest gift we can give them is, as President Abraham Lincoln said, “We give increased devotion to those who gave the last full measure of devotion.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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