All Politics Are Local


Allen West


December 13, 2023

The title of this missive comes from the former Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Democrat Tip O’Neill, during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. I would offer that the Democrats then are nothing like the progressive socialists who have overtaken that political party today. Speaker O’Neill’s assertion is very insightful and offers much to be learned.

I remember speaking at a Dallas Jewish Conservatives event a few years back. After speaking we had a Q & A portion. One woman began railing about Washington, DC, and all the things that were wrong and crazy emanating from the place we refer to as “the swamp.” My first response after her very emotional diatribe was a simple question, “Ma’am, who is your state Senator?” She responded with, “Ted Cruz.”

There was a very audible gasp from the audience.

I was not upset with this very passionate woman, but it did provide a “teachable moment.” I gently informed her that Senator Cruz was a US Senator. I did acknowledge her angst with Capitol Hill and DC, but wanted her to understand the importance of Tip O’Neill’s maxim.

As we head into the 2024 election cycle, I wonder how many of those at Trump, DeSantis, and Haley rallies could answer the same question about their state, county, and local levels of representation. How many comprehend the reasoning behind the Tenth Amendment? How many understand the principle of Federalism? Why did George Mason author Article V of our Constitution? Why does the Supremacy Clause not give the federal government unlimited power over the States? What is Constitutional nullification?

Constitutional conservatives must regain an understanding of these foundational concepts in order to realize the power that resides locally to thwart the intrusiveness of the overarching federal leviathan. As well, we must focus on these local levels of governance to have a voice, seat at the table, and build up our farm team to prepare them for the next level of governance.

As I travel, and even here locally in my home county of Dallas, and in Texas, I often ask what level of governance establishes the processes and procedures for the execution of elections? Oftentimes, the response back is at the state level. Well, it is the county level. This is why control of County Commissions are so important, or if there is a separate elected office for Supervisor of Elections. If you want better election integrity processes, it happens at the county level. If you do not want unsolicited mail-in ballots, the county can decide that. If you do not want illegals voting in your election, well, pass a resolution at the county level. It is all decided at the county level for execution.

Now, Nancy Pelosi and the leftists tried to nationalize elections under federal control and emotionally named HR 1 the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. But what would that have done? It would have prevented voter registration roll review, for starters, something that at the county level they should be conducting on a monthly, at least quarterly, schedule. Not the entire voter roll, but each month, or quarter, a sampling roll review. We know that the left wants illegal immigrants to be allowed to vote in local level elections, thus the reason they want illegals to have drivers licenses. Remember Clinton’s motor voter law?

Do you want to make sure that Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) never gets to your county? Pass a resolution at the county level. We here at the ACRU have sample resolutions to assist your county with these issues.

It is not just about county commissions and supervisor of elections positions, it is also about the Constitutional law enforcement officers and sheriffs. We now have a great organization called the Constitutional Sheriffs and Law Enforcement Officers Association (CSPOA); check them out. We need constitutional sheriffs to uphold law and order, which includes election integrity and ballot security. Where I reside in Dallas County, too often City PD is called in regarding such matters when it should be the Sheriff’s office.

Oh, and just an aside, in Dallas County, Texas we have no countywide Republican officeholders.

One of those offices is the District Attorney, and guess who paid attention to what Tip O’Neill said? Yep, George Soros. Back in 2018, he went on a rampage to take over DA positions all across America, including several right here in Texas, yep, Dallas County. Therefore, we have witnessed the leftist “no cash bail” agenda being implemented and violent criminals being released back onto our streets.

We have to focus on city council and school board races and positions. I have always stated that the most important elected position in America is the school board. And, after COVID, we now know why. The City Council is supposed to be a non-partisan race, but we all know differently. Furthermore, city councils are where you should first look for candidates to run for County Commission seats. When I was the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, I was told about a young 19-year-old fella named Roman Garcia who was running for City Council in Kerrville, Texas, down in Texas Hill Country. I was asked to come down and do an event with him. The kid was totally impressive, got my endorsement, and went on to defeat a leftist incumbent on the Kerrville City Council.

All politics are local!

So many know who is running for president, but have little idea about what is happening in their own backyard. Famed rock pianist Bruce Hornsby once did a song called “Look Out Any Window,” and it is one of my favorites.

“Look out any window, look out any open door,
Look out any window, and see what’s going on in and around you.”

Instead of looking far away, let’s just look out our windows locally and see what’s going on in and around us. If you want to Live Free, Live Free locally. The Sons of Liberty, the patriots who took the field at Lexington Green, cared little about what was happening in Boston, or New York City. They looked out their windows, their open doors, and saw tyranny was taking the field. They rejected it and set the course for the greatest nation the world has ever known.

Fight locally . . . win nationally!

Steadfast and Loyal.



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