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Sorry Israel, Elections Are More Important to Biden and Pro-Hamas Democrats


Allen West


December 19, 2023

The cycle repeats itself: Islamic terrorists attack Israel, the world feels bad, Israel responds, and the world tells Israel to stop responding. This is the very cycle that emboldens and enables Islamic terrorists to conduct savage and barbaric attacks, such as on October 7th against a sovereign nation-state, Israel. They know that within 48-72 hours, it becomes a propaganda war and that, for whatever delusional reason, the world community always takes the side of a designated terrorist organization. Consider the immediate condemnation of Israel for the accusation of intentionally bombing a hospital in Gaza. It turns out, as always, that this was another Hamas propaganda ploy and that an allied jihadist group, Islamic Jihad, had fired the rocket that landed in the parking lot of the hospital. It’s quite hard to lie when the sun comes up, and pictures show the hospital still standing.

Now we have Joe Biden, at a fundraising event last week, joining in on the Hamas propaganda. Biden asserted that Israel is losing international support for its indiscriminate bombing in Gaza. This is totally absurd. If there is one nation that goes above and beyond to protect innocent lives, it is Israel. Tell me of another nation that would drop leaflets and even make calls into areas announcing its intentions against an enemy that hides among civilians. Tell me of another nation that would provide safe passage in evacuation zones for civilians, protecting them from the governing organization in Gaza that targets and kills them as they attempt to flee.

But Biden says that Israel is losing international support.

The real issue is that Biden is losing Islamic jihadist and pro-Hamas leftist support in America. For the progressive socialist left, Israel and its survival are less important than the 2024 election. Biden and the Democrats see their support waning with young people and in a critical battleground state, Michigan. The specific demographic causing Biden to lose in Michigan is the pro-Hamas community centered around Dearborn. This is the area that sent the most anti-Semitic person to the US House of Representatives, Rep. Rashida Tlaib. Let’s not forget that it was Ms. Tlaib who stated back in 2019 that she got a “calming feeling” over the Holocaust. As of late, she has been affirming the language of Israeli genocide, “from the river to the sea, Palestine shall be free.” Her attempts to redirect this under the guise of being an “aspirational” statement are utterly deranged, especially knowing that there has never been a state called Palestine; it is a region.

How did we get to this point where the Islamic jihadist electorate became so influential in America? Well, you have to go back to the FBI raid at a home in northern Virginia in 1991, where a particular document was uncovered. The document was written by a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Akram, and was titled the Explanatory Memorandum of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America. It was the blueprint for creating what they called a “civilizational jihad” to gain political leverage in undermining our country by using our very rights, freedoms, and liberties. Perhaps I am the only one who finds it interesting that our current FBI infiltrates the Catholic Church. Yet, all the Islamic organizations mentioned in the Explanatory Memorandum, front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood, such as the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), go untouched.

It is these very groups that are pressuring the Biden administration to distance itself from Israel over electoral support from their constituency. Therefore, Biden dispatches his minions of acquiescence and subjugation, Tony Blinken and Jake Sullivan, to put the kibosh on Israel and its right to defend itself against an enemy sworn to its eradication. Also, do not forget that Hezbollah was responsible for the Beirut barracks bombing in October 1983, and so-called “Palestinian” terrorists murdered a wheelchair-bound American, Leon Klinghoffer, and tossed his body — on camera — into the Mediterranean Sea.

These are the people that Biden wants to side with over Israel?

I do not know if it is possible, but maybe, just maybe, the scales are falling off the eyes of the American Jewish community. Perhaps they see the rampant rise of anti-Semitism. Perhaps they see how their children must live in fear on college and university campuses. Perhaps they see that Islamic terrorism is not just an enemy to Israel; it is also for us, the “greater Satan.” And, perhaps they see that Biden’s intentional and purposeful open borders policy is putting this nation and Jewish citizens at a greater risk for an Islamic terrorist attack.

But, most importantly, I would hope that we all see that the progressive socialist left has formed an unholy alliance with Islamic jihadists and terrorists. They share a common bond: hatred of the Jewish people and America. That is why Joe Biden, their standard bearer, is more concerned with appeasing those two dangerous groups to win an election than protecting our respective nations, America and Israel, and abiding by his oath to uphold our rule of law, the Constitution of the United States of America.

It is not “freedom of speech” to call for the genocide of an entire race of people and their nation. It is the embodiment of hate speech, yet it is proliferated on our streets and even in the halls of Congress. Islamic jihadism and terrorism must be destroyed here and wherever it rears its medieval barbaric head.

Sadly, America, this Democrat party, does not feel that way. Sorry Israel, but right now, elections are more important to the Party of the Jackass. Funny, Biden has Ukrainian president Zelensky over here begging for more of our taxpayer funds while Hamas is holding Americans hostage. If Biden were just to reinstate a policy of American energy independence and dominance, the advances of Russia and Iran would be hindered.

Instead, Biden is promulgating Hamas propaganda lies because Rashida Tlaib and the disciples of civilizational jihad in America are more vital to him. That is what we call FUBAR!

Steadfast and Loyal.

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