The Opposites Game


Allen West


February 8, 2024

If there is one thing I credit the progressive socialist left with, it is their ability to message.

If you have ever paid attention to leftists on Sunday morning news programs, you will see them performing like the Borg from Star Trek. They speak as a collective, repeating the same talking points like a chip was implanted into the base of their skulls.

Republicans, on the other side, struggle to have a coherent and cohesive message. It is the difference between a laser guidance munition and a shotgun blast. However, I want you to start thinking of the left and their messaging using an old game we used to play as kids, the opposites game.

Recently I did a podcast monologue referring to the Democrat Party, aka the Marxist left, as the “Party of Projection.” Whatever they are trying to project on others is truly what they are guilty of doing and being.

If you want to have some fun with the left, tune into CNN, MSNBC, PBS, White House press briefing, or any speech by Joe Biden. You will find a common theme:  denigration. They will use some form of MAGA Republicans, mega MAGA, ultra MAGA, MAGA extremists as pejoratives. So, let’s use “the opposite game” to dissect what the leftists are saying.

MAGA stands for “Make America Great Again,” so if the progressive socialists think MAGA is bad, what is the opposite? MASA? Make America Suck Again? MAWA? Make America Weak Again? If you do not embrace policies that advance American economic success and security, then what is it that you desire?

Right now, Americans are struggling with credit card debt, paying for commodity prices that are still exorbitantly high, and being unable to buy a home due to historically high interest rates. Yes, the rate of inflation is far higher than 1.4 percent. If MAGA stood for American energy independence, then what does MASA stand for? It’s simple, energy dependence and reliance upon an unreliable source of energy, wind and solar . . . the so-called renewables. Folks here in Texas still recall what happened three winters ago when the wind turbines and solar panels froze over.

MASA talks about net-zero as an opposite to fossil fuels. That basically means we will be chopping wood for heat and cooking and going back to fans for cooling. Nah.

Extremist MAGA Republicans?

The leftists just can’t seem to get enough of January 6, 2021, heck, they are still arresting folks who were just standing around. But the opposite of January 6th was the “summer of love.” Remember watching leftist mobs burn down neighborhoods, attack police and burn police precincts, topple statues, including those of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass?

Now we have violent protest marches by Islamic terrorist group supporters taking over our streets, and not a consequence in sight for them. Yeah, it is all just “peaceful demonstrations” according to the MASA crowd.

MAGA stands for closed and secure borders, MASA wants to see more drug, human, sex, and terrorist trafficking. MASA is fine with telling American citizens that they must have ID to fly on airplanes and stand in security lines. But MASA likes allowing illegal immigrants to fly free, without any ID, bypassing security. MASA has no problem with an elderly woman being dragged down a street by an illegal immigrant trying to steal her cell phone. MASA also loves to release violent criminals onto our streets, to go along with the single military-age males threatening Americans. MAGA believes in the constitutional right of self-defense, meaning the Second Amendment. MASA believes that Americans, facing all of the domestic violence that their agenda enables, should be disarmed, making them even better targets.

MAGA believes that we need a strong national defense and foreign policy. MASA thinks the most important thing for our military is cultural Marxism and dividing our force between oppressor and oppressed, along with promoting the mental condition of having biological males prance around in uniform under the delusion that they are females.

MASA believes that parents have no rights. They promote an absurd extremism of mutilating the bodies of children, and when parents do not “affirm” this,  MASA takes the children away. However, parents who allow their children to attend performances of scantily clad men dressed as women, displaying their genitals, well, those parents are “brave” and “courageous.” MAGA parents who want better educational opportunities for their children and to protect them are regarded as domestic terrorists, not the ones who are burning down buildings because in the Bizarro world of MASA they are just fine.

MAGA extremists believe that the first unalienable right, life, applies to our unborn. The real extremists of MASA believe, vehemently, that we should be dismembering babies in the womb up to their birth, and afterward. Further, they believe parents should not get in the way of minor children being mutilated, but have no say in their minor children dismembering babies in the womb.

Henceforth, let’s start analyzing these progressive socialist leftists using the opposite game. And remember the disturbing words of Nazi (which stood for National Socialist Party) minister of propaganda, Josef Goebbels: if you tell a lie often enough, eventually it will be taken as truth. The opposite of that quote is one from the prescient George Orwell: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

MAGA believes in freedom of religion, speech, expression, the right to peaceably assemble, and to petition the government for redress of grievance. MASA believes that you only have the rights they permit, thus MASA believes in government censorship.

The bottom line is this: MAGA believes in individual liberty, MASA believes in collective tyranny. Those are two very clear, distinct, and opposing philosophies of governance. And it clearly explains why the progressive socialist left in America, aka the Democrat party, despises, denigrates, and disparages the idea of Make America Great Again, MAGA.

In Joshua 24:15, Joshua puts a very interesting challenge to the people of Israel in his farewell address, “Choose for yourselves today, whom you shall serve . . . “ Today, we have a clear choice as well: liberty or tyranny. I choose liberty, not the opposite. What say you?

Steadfast and Loyal.



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