The Left’s Protected Classes


Allen West


April 24, 2024

There is something happening in our Constitutional Republic that perhaps some of you notice. I was doing my early morning run on Monday and was pondering some things. When we look at the pro-Hamas supporters and demonstrators taking to the streets, as they have been since last year’s horrific October 7th attack against the sovereign State of Israel, why is it that they are allowed to do so? Look at what is happening on college and university campuses at this time. How? Why?

The answer is quite obvious and is not debatable. These people, and others, are part of the leftist protected classes.

Think about it: are we to believe that shouting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” and burning American flags in public in support of an Islamic terrorist organization is free speech and expression? If you are a Jewish student on these left-leaning campuses and told that your protection is less important or hate speech is only in certain contexts…why? Currently on Columbia and Yale University campuses, pro-Hamas supporters have taken over. They are shouting terms such as intifada, revolution, and praising Hamas. They desire the region known as Palestine (there are no such people) to be free. Free of what? Whom?

Students are being told to stay at home, and take classes virtually, exam schedules are being revised…why? I mean, really, aren’t these delusional and maniacal terrorist group supporters the ones disrupting official proceedings at university classes? So why are they allowed to do such, including a Jewish student being stabbed in the eye by one of these Islamic terrorist group supporters with the staff of a flag bearing the terrorist banner/flag? It is clear that the Hamas supporters are the left’s protected class and not the Jewish students, or for that matter, Jewish citizens here in America. For the leftists, it is far more politically expedient to protect and support Hamas supporters than Jews. After all, Michael Moore recently went on video to tell Joe Biden that he would lose reelection if he did not change his policy towards Israel. Biden can say that he condemns what is happening, but his actions speak louder than his words.

However, pro-Hamas supporters are not the only ones in the left’s grouping of protected classes.

Those suffering from the mental condition of gender dysphoria are also in the left’s protected class. Laws are being passed in left-leaning states that punish parents who do not “affirm” their child’s selected gender. Parents are not in the protected class of the left and find themselves being threatened with the removal of their children from them. Just the same deranged, perverted men who parade about scantily clad as women supposedly have a constitutional right to perform before children. Whatever happened to contributing to the delinquency of a minor as a criminal offense? Well, not in the case of it being applied to one of the leftist-protected classes.

Or how about Joe Biden reversing the gains of Title IX, which protects female athletes? Once again, women are not part of the protected classes of the left. The wholehearted absurdity that we would allow biological males to compete in sporting events against women is not only disturbing but dangerous for young women. And to allow these fully intact males access to female locker rooms, well, that just goes to evidence the extent of their protected class status.

Then again, we also see that illegal immigrants, especially single military-age males, are one of the left’s protected classes. The deaths of Kate Steinle, Mollie Tibbets, Lizbeth Medina, and Laken Riley are of no matter to leftists, who were more than giddy that impeachment charges were dropped against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Who cares that women are being raped, victims of targeted theft, and intimidated by those males in this country illegally? Or that Moms are losing their children to the fentanyl crisis? The protections for illegal immigrants far outweigh those concerns.

As a matter of fact, the protections and rights of illegal immigrants outweigh the constitutional rights and way of life of law-abiding American citizens. Black lives do not matter when posed against the well being of illegal immigrants, just ask the people in the Black community in Chicago.

The bottom line is that legal, law-abiding Americans have no constitutional rights, liberties, and freedoms unless they are part of the left’s protected classes. The only ones the leftists believe have rights that should be protected are those in alignment with their ideological agenda…and that includes supporting Islamic terrorist groups, mentally disturbed individuals who struggle to realize their gender, and illegal immigrants. Those who do not subscribe to this delusion are designated as Islamophobes, Transphobes/Homophobes, and Xenophobes. These derogatory and denigrating monikers are meant to force us into submission and self-censoring. I, for one, will not be silenced, will you?

If we are to Live Free, we mist understand that the Constitution articulates our rights, freedoms, and liberties. And that our unalienable rights are endowed to us by our Creator God, of the Judeo-Christian faith heritage. We must commit to a fundamental belief and understanding that we have legal and constitutional protections. And when the whims of leftists run afoul of these protections for citizens in our Constitutional Republic, we should not surrender one inch to them.

The American Constitutional Rights Union takes the position that constitutional rights and protections are not subservient to the ideological rights and protections of the left’s protected classes. Join with us and make that same declaration, and then you can Live Free.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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