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Don’t Obstruct the Leftist Implosion


Allen West


May 7, 2024

“Never interfere with an enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself.”
Attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte

I have read that Georgia Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene plans to enact a plan to oust the current Republican Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson. Yeah, I was not pleased with the Omnibus spending bill, the FISA long-term reauthorization, or the lack of emphasis on our border security. However, I would advise Rep. Greene to take heed of the aforementioned quote attributed to French military leader Napoleon. At this time, why would anyone with common sense and a sense of strategic engagement want to distract from the apparent implosion of the progressive socialist left?

At this moment, the Biden administration and the Democrats are on their heels with the glaring coverage of the pro-Hamas supporters on American college and university campuses. even reported that at the University of Alabama both sides of the protest were chanting a similar non-flattering phrase referencing their angst with Joe Biden. So why would Rep. Greene seek to interfere and give the leftist media the ability to shift the news story? Let’s be honest: I give Speaker Johnson credit for visiting Columbia University and exposing the fact that Biden and Senator Chuck Schumer did not, and have not, done so.

Republicans need to recognize that we are exactly six months from the November 5th general election, and they have momentum. Just look at how leftists are trying to pivot this back to the issue of dismembering unborn babies in the womb up to birth. Folks, that is called infanticide. Leftists are trying to redefine conception to be the moment of birth. How absurd; yet, this is an indication of their desperation. It is time for Republicans to get on the same sheet of music, incumbents and challengers, and go on offense.

The American people are speaking out. They see the issue of illegal immigration as the number one issue. Republicans need to hammer away at Joe Biden and the Democrats on this issue repeatedly. Biden took a secure border and, by executive action, has undermined our national and domestic security. They should use the term “Biden Body Bags” to articulate the hundreds of thousands of people who have lost their lives due to Biden’s leftist, open-border policy.

Republicans should not create a tactical circular firing squad battle at a time when they are watching the leftist implode. Rep. Greene, back off on this suicidal endeavor.

Republicans should be addressing how the Democrats are more concerned with electoral patronage from radical college students who are aligning themselves with an Islamic terrorist organization. It is clear that Joe Biden is walking a tightrope in trying to feign support for Israel while not condemning terrorist supporters in America. Biden has yet to speak strongly against Democrat members of Congress such as Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and her daughter. Biden’s recent assertion that we will accept thousands of Gazans, those who support Hamas, into America is unacceptable and dangerous.

Republicans should go on offense and articulate that Biden’s unconstitutional student loan debt edict (that the Supreme Court ruled that he cannot) is just funding pro-Hamas college radicals. Why should hard-working everyday Americans pay for these maniacal little Marxists in the making to rip down American flags and threaten Jewish students?

The economy is not recovering, inflation is still at high levels, and the Federal Reserve does not believe it can hit its 2 percent inflation target. That means we will probably not see interest rates cut but possibly rise some more. That means the Federal Reserve is attempting to manipulate the economy, and the result will have greater negative impacts on the housing market. We are not energy independent, thanks to Biden’s insane green energy policies. But Biden is going about begging OPEC dictators for energy resources that we have an ample supply of right here. The number one sponsor of Islamic terrorism, Iran, was virtually bankrupt until the Biden administration began shipping billions of dollars to them…just as Barack Hussein Obama did. Joe Biden is also putting the kibosh on our domestic oil and gas industry while easing the sanctions on Iran…bolstering their economy and supporting terrorist groups.

When leftists try to accuse Republicans of being authoritarians, just remember who the people are telling you what type of stove, dishwasher, appliances, cars, and food you can have, along with how much toilet water you should be able to use.

The leftists love to castigate Republicans as “threats to democracy.” Last time I checked, the leftists are the ones who desire to have illegal immigrants vote in our elections. They want to stack the Supreme Court. Leftists are the ones who support the censoring of the free speech of Americans. Leftists seem to find it easy to seek out and unconstitutionally imprison Americans when it comes to January 6th, but can’t find a single Antifa leader. They can denigrate parents as domestic terrorists and conduct raids against pro-Life supporters who pray outside clinics where unborn babies are being dismembered. However, when it comes to masked individuals destroying property and attacking federal buildings and college campuses, well, it’s just a catch-and-release policy.

These are just a few examples where Republicans need to hammer leftists. Now is not the time to have another debacle and episode of “Who Wants to Be a Speaker.” There is nothing more satisfying for the leftist media than to be able to 24/7 cover stories about Republicans. Even now, the leftists are realizing that the NYC Trump trial is causing them consternation as Trump’s polling numbers increase. So, again, why interfere with your political opposition when they are destroying themselves, giving them the ability to shift the narrative?

Rep. Greene, pull yer head outta your fourth point of contact and withdraw this stupidity. The strategic objective is to win Congressional seats in the 2024 election cycle. The focus has to be on incumbents and challengers running as Republicans on a unified message. The mission means that we go on offense and stop playing defense against the indefensible positions of the progressive socialist left. Talk about policy solutions, not about whether we need a new Speaker. Republicans can make that decision in January next year when they have a greater majority in the House and Senate, and win more State House and Senate seats.

The Democrats are in a box; they know it, and the last thing Republicans should do is break out a pencil and create an opening for them to escape. When your enemy, political opposition, has led themselves into a U-shaped ambush, you simply close the door of escape.

Steadfast and Loyal.

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