It’s Getting Seriously Stupid


Allen West


May 8, 2024

This Tuesday morning, I had a fantastic 4.5-mile run and workout. After showering and doing my morning Bible devotional, I checked my news feed. I was absolutely appalled at two news items that I read. First of all, to know that these pro-Hamas protesters had defaced a World War I Memorial in New York City really angered me. Secondly, to know that Joe Biden is unconstitutionally blocking the Congressionally approved, funded support of precision-guided munitions to Israel is unconscionable.

This is why I say it is getting seriously stupid when we are allowing Islamic terrorist supporters to chant “Death to America,” burn our American flag, and deface our Memorials. As well, it is dangerously absurd when we are more concerned about supporting Ukraine than defeating an Islamic terrorist organization that killed Americans and still, we hope, holds Americans hostage.

Let’s assess the first item of stupidity in this very disturbing Kabuki theater. I completely understand the First Amendment right to free speech and expression, as well as the right to peaceably assemble and petition your government for redress of grievances. However, to take to the streets in America in support of a terrorist organization is not free speech. To openly advocate for the genocidal destruction of an entire race of people and a Nation is not freedom of expression. And to overtake buildings while you destroy property and deface the statue of our first President and a War Memorial has nothing to do with any constitutionally granted freedom. We can no longer sit back and appease, acquiesce, negotiate, and compromise with those who support a real genocide; just read Hamas’ charter. To shout out for the continued murder of Jews and threatening said people and students here in America is unacceptable.

Elected members of our body politic who stand in support of a terrorist organization have violated their oath to the Constitution. We cannot equivocate, and this insidious sense of moral equivalency has to end. I find it a delirious hypocrisy for the progressive socialist leftists to continue harping on January 6, 2021, and government agencies still lurking about seeking out anyone they can who was just there. At the same time, we have acts of sedition and continued acts of violence occurring now for two weeks…resulting in the obstruction of daily campus activities and freedom of movement for Americans.

It is seriously stupid that only one group of individuals get an unconstitutional stay at the DC Gulag while others are dismissed or enjoy the “catch and release” policy of law enforcement.

And then there is the Biden administration trying to stupidly walk along a razor’s edge. Perhaps that is why both sides join together on college and university campuses, recommending a certain act of copulation towards Joe Biden. Perhaps Biden and his Quisling SecState Antony Blinken fail to understand that you do not tell a sovereign Nation that has been attacked by an Islamic terrorist organization, as they have been for decades, how to respond. Consider this: no one told the United States what they should not do in response to Pearl Harbor or September 11, 2001, when “some people did something.”

Imagine what the American people would have said if Israel admonished the United States about responding to 9-11? Or think about how we would have reacted to anyone taking the streets in support of Al Qaeda, the Taliban, or ISIS. And let’s not forget that prior to the 9-11 terrorist attack, the worst loss of American life from an Islamic terrorist attack was October 23, 1983, at the hands of Hezbollah, with 234 Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers dead…and we did not strike back. One common thread with Hezbollah and Hamas…Iran. Yet this Biden administration rescued Iran from national bankruptcy by sending them billions of dollars and easing sanctions on their oil and gas industry…while disturbingly sanctioning our own.

Consider this: no one takes more painstaking efforts to warn civilians of an impending strike or attack than Israel. It is Hamas who uses their own people as human shields and occupies hospitals and other areas that place civilians at risk, not to mention blending into civilian areas. By denying Israel precision munitions, the Biden administration makes it harder for Israel to pinpoint precision attacks in military operations in urban terrain (MOUT). In other words, Biden is pressuring Israel into potentially putting Gazans, who fully support Hamas, in grave danger on this urban battlefield. As well, Biden and Blinken are purposefully hindering Israel’s operational tempo (OPTEMPO) and operational objectives, essentially slowing them down and buying time for Hamas.

There is only one way of explaining this policy position: seriously stuck on stupid (SSS).

The American Constitutional Rights Union (ACRU) stands with Israel and the policy of defeating Islamic terrorism, along with its state sponsors. As well, the ACRU does not support the idea that openly supporting a terrorist organization is somehow aligned with constitutional rights. The rule of law must be firmly established and supported. There must be grave consequences to aiding and abetting the enemy as well as providing them material support and comfort. Spreading Hamas and Islamic jihadist propaganda certainly falls into those categories. The situation in America is becoming seriously stupid, and our national and domestic security is at stake. Israel is the canary in the coal mine…they fall, and we are next, meaning Western civilization. America will be on the path of what we see in Western Europe.

Sadly, all of this insanity is being enabled by the unholy alliance between the progressive socialist, Marxist, left and Islamo-fascists and jihadists. This is why the leftists in America are more than willing to sacrifice Israel and throw our Nation into turmoil in order to win an election by garnering the support of pro-Hamas demographics.

Not on my watch. Join me and the ACRU on the ramparts of freedom to defend the 21st-century “Gates of Vienna” and win the new “Battle of Tours.” We shall not fall as Constantinople did.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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