No Sera’ Infringido


Allen West


May 15, 2024

Yeah, I live in Texas and took a little Spanish in college at the University of Tennessee. Perhaps some of you immediately recognized the meaning of the three words that title this week’s missive. In case you do not, it translates into English, “shall not be infringed,” and yes, I used the masculine tense. So, now the question many of you are pondering is, why this title Colonel? The answer is simple, and some may already know.
Ladies and Gentlemen and American Patriots, with the full backing of the United Nations (UN) and the approval of the Biden administration, Mexico has filed a court case that could impose the UN small arms treaty. This lawsuit clears the way to allow foreign nations to sue and dictate firearms policy in our Constitutional Republic, thereby undermining our Second Amendment right. Remember the old Obama-Holder Fast and Furious scheme, no chuckleheads, not the movie, but a government sponsored gun running endeavor that ended up costing the life of a US Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry. Obama and Holder wished to collude with the Mexican government in creating a false flag about the purposeful intent of guns being sold into Mexico and falling into the hands of the transnational narco-criminal terrorists known as the Mexican cartels.
Now, in this third Obama administration, masquerading as Biden, we have a new iteration of such and the allowing of Mexico to file a court case in America against the firearms industry. The complaint is that the American firearms industry is to blame for the trafficking of weapons into Mexico. Yes, Mexico is suing American gun manufacturers for allegedly allowing the weapons they have built to fall into the hands of the cartels. Mexico’s dubious President, yes, the one who stated on CBS 60 Minutes that he would continue to allow the open and illegal border crossings into America unless he and other failed nations in our hemisphere are provided with over $25B in cash, is further extorting our Republic. And this time, he is seeking to destroy, much as the British sought to do on April 19, 1775, our gun manufacturing industry. Yes, Mexico’s President, aided and abetted by the UN and Joe Biden, ala Barack Hussein Obama, is seeking to bankrupt American gun manufacturers.
Imagine this: Does anyone believe that the President of Mexico would sue a car manufacturer for vehicular accidents in his country?
This lawsuit has been approved in the, get this hypocrisy, in the Boston-based First Circuit Court of Appeals, which has consented that it can proceed. You can bet that the Sons of Liberty are truly rolling over in their graves, those brave men who held off the British at places like Lexington Green, Concord Bridge, and Breed’s (Bunker) Hill. They put their lives on the line so that some 249 years later, a Boston-based court would allow a foreign nation to render us as disarmed subjects. Also, the corrupt UN, where America is the largest financial contributor, has had two separate UN-affiliated agencies file an amicus curiae (friends of the court) brief to the First Circuit court in support of this endeavor.
The UN Office on Drugs and Crime, yea, stop laughing, issued the following statement, “This case exemplifies the illicit nature of a firearm transfer in circumstances in which the weapons could be used to commit human rights violations, which fits into the broader trend of engaging the concept of simplicity in developing legal standards for corporate accountability.”
So, the cartels are not to be held accountable, but the American gun manufacturers should? This, coming from the UN that aligns itself with dictators, despots, and autocrats all over the world.
But what should chill you more than anything else is that not only do we have a Biden administration that sides with Islamic jihadists and terrorists, the Biden administration is now in alignment with the leader of a failed Nation controlled by some 35%-40% of a global terrorist organization…which is freely enabling drug, human, and sex trafficking into our Nation. So, where is the UN condemnation of the Mexican president?
The American gun manufacturer industry, the defendants in this case, released the following statement, “Mexico’s brazen attempt to regulate the American firearms industry based on its foreign interests poses a grave threat to the sovereignty of these United States of America, its citizens, and their Second Amendment rights.” I firmly agree, and this is why the American Constitutional Rights Union will be filing our own amicus curiae brief in support of our firearms industry.
I want y’all to think about this unconstitutional, delusional, deranged, and dangerous Biden administration. These leftist jackasses are willing to withhold arms support to our ally, Israel, in their fight against an Islamic terrorist organization that killed Americans. Now, the very same administration is siding with a Country that is enabling the deaths of Americans by way of fentanyl trafficking, along with criminal and terrorist entities, into our Country to undermine our right to defend ourselves…a Constitutional right. How many single military-age males has the Mexican president, and Joe Biden, allowed entry into our Republic? And now these two useful idiots seek to prevent us from doing as the Second Amendment states, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary for the security of a Free State, therefore the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”…to the Mexican president, “No Sera’ Infringido.”
Contact your Representatives and Senators, and if they do not respond to you on this issue, then they are complicit. Send messages to the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston and ask them whose Constitution they took an oath to support, defend, and interpret?
Steadfast and Loyal.


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