America’s Submarine Crisis

Greetings to our patriotic CSD members, this past weekend I spoke to an organization called Combat Marines Outdoors that takes struggling veterans on hunting and fishing trips in Texas. The topic of my presentation was one word, "Priorities". When it pertains to our national security and military readiness, it is apparent that the priorities of this Biden administration are severely lacking. Biden and his inept SecDef are more focused on funding abortion, gender transition therapies and surgeries, and cultural marxist programs and other words the leftist ideological agenda.

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10 Shocking Examples of Wokeism in the U.S. Military

Earlier this year, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley—previously branded by President Donald Trump as a woke “television general”—took to CNN to complain that accusations of wokeism in the U.S. military are vastly overhyped. But despite Milley’s claim that the military has not been infected by woke ideology, there is a growing mountain of evidence pointing to the military brass’s descent into social, cultural, and political leftism. Here are ten prominent examples that every American should be aware of.

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Live Free TV: The Willful Destruction of Our Military Readiness

Leftist "woke" policies are decimating our military. On this episode of Live Free TV, LTC Allen West explores the shocking destruction of our state of military readiness. From policies that exempt transgender servicemembers from physical fitness tests to deliberate moves to prevent enlistment from proud generational military family members, the military's priorities have moved away from their core mission of defending this country.

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The Army Flag and Flag Day

For those of us who are Soldiers of these United States of America, June is a very special month for us. No, I am not talking about any LGBTQIA+ stuff, rather, this is the month that our US Army was born. I remember an old Army recruiting song titled, “We Were There”.

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Live Free TV: The Danger of a Woke Military

LTC Allen West (ret.) welcomes Flag Officers 4 America Founder General Joe Arbuckle to discuss the growing threat of cultural Marxism in our military. Watch this episode of Live Free TV to understand the threat to warfighting readiness posed by woke and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) programs and how this mentality is destroying the military meritocracy.

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