Captains Call: Lost: Moral Character in America! Please Text If Found!

Our federal government is morally bankrupt. The Biden administration leadership has little character. In fact, our country has had a moral character leadership deficit for years. Very few men or women of character occupy the expensive corner offices. Far too many of those in elected office these days are opportunists who do nothing for the common good. By real-world standards, they should have been fired a long time ago. How do our representatives get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money a year only to chase selfish interests? How do you keep your job consistently ignoring the will of the people? It’s a fair question.

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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire: 100,000 Stolen Votes in Chicago

In its reporting, the Chicago Tribune discovered that the supposed home address of three voters in the 17th Precinct of the 27th Ward was a vacant lot. The paper also discovered that votes had been cast for seven residents of a nursing home who denied having voted-their signatures on the ballot applications were all forgeries. In fact, one resident had no fingers or thumbs with which to write a signature. The fraud was so blatant that the resident without fingers or thumbs "was counted as having voted twice by the end of the day." Not surprisingly, Stevenson easily won the 17th Precinct, by a margin of 282 to 30.

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This Man Figured Out the Fraud Inside Dallas’ Council Elections

It starts with a knock. Someone in your family opens the door, because you’re old, most likely over 80, certainly poor, possibly infirm, probably a minority. You see a familiar face. She is a community organizer, young, passionate. She has come by often, campaigning for Obama or Wendy Davis. Today she comes bearing a fruit basket, because she wants to help. She’s also kind enough to carry in your mail.

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Patriots for Delaware says it found proof of election fraud | Milford LIVE! – Local Delaware News, Kent and Sussex Counties

Patriots for Delaware on Tuesday said they had evidence of dead people voting in the November 2020 election as well as nursing homes submitting more ballots than they had available beds. The group doesn’t believe the fraud they claim to have found would have changed the outcome of the presidential election but said that local races could have been affected.

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